12 December 2016

Getting That Holiday Glow | via Red Door Spa

Hello people of the internet - here is my bare, no makeup face! Quite a way to start Monday morning isn't it?! The reason my makeup-less face is gracing your screen is because I had the pleasure of getting it totally pampered yesterday morning. I spent my Sunday relaxing at the Red Door Spa in DC and couldn't have been happier. When they reached out and offered for me to pop in for their Signature Facial I was ecstatic (seeing that this was only my second facial ever). Between holiday events, major work deadlines, and getting ready for Christmas, this point in the year has to be one of the most stressful times (hence the radio silence on the blog). A solid hour of turning off from the outside world was just what the doctor ordered.

Upon arrival I was guided to the changing rooms where a plush white robe waited for me. After getting cozy, I headed to the relaxation room (sans phone or any other technology) to wait for my esthetician. After a really insane week (I think Mercury might be in retrograde - anyone else with me?) I was thrilled to be away from my phone and not thinking about work. 

The Signature Facial is an hour long experience that includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, face/neck/shoulder/arm massaging, and also skin extraction (aka removing black heads and unclogging pores). What I appreciate the most about the Red Door Spa is their extraction process. Unlike many spas they do not use any metal tools, which can sometimes damage the skin. They begin by opening your pores up with steam and then gently push out any blackhead that is ready with just a tissue. It is painless and didn't leave my skin red or broken - meaning I could carry on with the rest of my day makeup free and skin glowing!

If you're like me and this time of year always brings unwanted stress, then I can't recommend the Red Door Spa enough. The salon is also offering some fantastic deals for the holidays so a Red Door gift card is also the perfect thing to put on your holiday wish list ;)

*This post has been created in collaboration with the Red Door Spa. 
All services were complimentary, yet all opinions and beliefs are my own. 

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