09 November 2016

A Quick Guide to the VIB Sale

With the VIB sale about kick into high gear at the end of this week I figured it would be good to do a round up of products that I tend to gravitate towards each year during the sale. I find that without a list/outline I tend to overspend like there's no tomorrow (aka what happened during the Spring VIB last April). Hopefully this general guide will help any of you who might be a little unsure of what to grab!

Primers/Perfecting Products:

Now is a great time to grab products like primers, setting powders, etc. Primers can be crazy expensive and aren't a total necessity when it comes to day to day makeup (although they make a huge difference). So having that added discount helps when wanting to try something new and a bit more expensive. 

A few of my favorites:

Skincare Splurges:

VIB is the time when I tend to shop the most for skincare. (Products that are outside of my standard Glossier items that is.) I love getting high end masks and exfoliators (now is also the perfect time to invest in a good, rich moisturizer for winter). Skincare is pretty much what makes my VIB purchases pricier - so again that discount helps!

A few of my favorites:


During the sale is a great time to grab any palettes you were eyeing up - especially if they are limited edition and you can get your hands on them. I purchased my KVD Shade + Light Palette during last November's VIB and it's been one of my best buys.

A few of my favorites:

High End Foundation:

I pretty much make it routine to grab a foundation during the sale. Foundation (like skincare) is the other item I put most of my money into. Now is the perfect time to try something new or to purchase an old favorite in a shade that will match your winter skin tone. 

A few of my favorites:


Last but not least, tools. I rarely buy these types of items unless it's VIB. I love stocking up on brushes, beauty blenders, lash curlers, tweezers, and other random bits and bobs. Again, these items can get crazy expensive so I like to refresh them with the discount.

A few of my favorites:

Naturally I usually end up grabbing one or two items that I shouldn't (aka this year I bought a lip gloss and a highlighter - in my defense that lip gloss is always sold out so I consider it a speciality purchase.) Overall though, I try to stick to this general outline of products when shopping the sale.

What do you usually buy during VIB? 

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