24 October 2016

Halloween | Great Gatsby Inspired

Happy Halloween week everyone!! To kickstart the week I wanted to post a quick/easy costume idea. I DIY'd this look and it was so super simple. Ever since reading The Great Gatsby in high school I have been obsessed with both the book and in recent years the film. F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda are fascinating to me as well and I've researched them loads. I've been a flapper before (thank you old dance costumes) but never DIY'd a more realistic look - until now.

I made my head piece myself after studying some images (like this one) of Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. I made a trip to the fabric store and found some gorgeous pieces. I used this silver/diamond trim, nude silk ribbon, and a feather piece I found in the bridal section of Michaels. I measured the trim and cut it to the size I needed to fit my head and then stitched it to the nude ribbon. This allowed me to place it anywhere on my head and then secure it by tying the ribbon in a bow - exactly like Carey Mulligans. I used a 40% coupon for the feather embellishment and clipped that onto the band. Overall, it was roughly $15 to make this. I opted for a trim that was a bit pricier, so if you wanted to stick to a cheaper budget you definitely could! (Actually the trim I reeeeally wanted was $21 alone haha so I feel like I did pretty well by finding a similar option for $7.)

For my hair I added some waves and then pinned it up to create a faux-bob look and left a few pieces hanging in the front.

In Baz Luhrmann's film Daisy's makeup was pretty light and airy, but I wanted to switch it up a bit. I kept the overall face nice and light, but added a dramatic lip. I loved the idea of this, because you often see black and white photos of flappers with super dramatic lips - since red reads as almost black on old school film. I decided to use True Brown K to keep in line with the rest of the colors I was wearing.

To finish off my look I threw on some fur (side note - please know that I do not purchase real fur) and have a long cigarette holder to add to my costume. If you don't have a faux fur piece to wear, an inexpensive feather boa works perfectly in it's place!

Full Makeup Details

New York Color Eyeliner
Kylie Cosmetics True Brown K

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? If so, what are you planning to wear? 
Let's chat in the comments!

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