06 September 2016

Two Pieces I'll Be Living In This Fall...

Raise your hand if you're excited to start really wearing denim again without sweating to death! (This girl sure is!) I recently discovered my new favorite pair of jeans and also made a semi-repurchase of another favorite item for Fall - my Adidas sneakers.

Last year I lived in my Adidas b&w Superstars. They are hands down the comfiest shoes I've owned. I use the term owned because they came in contact with an unfortunate coffee spill and then the swampy, flooded streets of New Orleans. After wading through New Orleans in them back in May I decided it was time they be retired. (Swamp water + leather sneakers isn't the greatest combo.) After seriously missing my everyday tennis shoes I decided it was time to invest in another pair. This time I went for the classic Stan Smiths in white and green. I am super pleased with these and have already worn them a few times. (The goal this time around is to keep them squeaky clean.) A few things to note - like my Superstars I purchased a child's pair and wear a 5 1/2. Bonus points, because the children's shoes are cheaper. The Stan Smiths are actually a slimmer/smaller shoe than the Superstars. Less bulky you could say - which I really like. The only downside to this is that the Superstars had way more padding inside them (aka why they are bulkier). However, these are still just as comfy and you can do some serious walking in them!

I had a moment recently in Lou & Grey. I walked in after feeling pretty defeated looking for workout clothes in other stores and in Lou & Grey my trip to the mall was instantly turned around. The store is beautiful. All of the little design/branding details, the incredibly soft fabrics, and the super friendly staff made me so happy I walked in by chance. I left with some great workout gear and these jeans (which were marked down and then an additional percentage off). A total win/win. The fit, the color, and the cut were just what I needed in my life right now. I've been feeling pretty blah about my clothes and the way they fit so these were a must buy. They are super flattering, great material, and the cropped ankle + mini flare leg are so different than the other jeans I own. I cannot wait for October when they get a new store set in. 
*Sadly the denim I purchased isn't on their website anymore :/ but I did link to their denim page in general for you guys.

What purchases have you really been loving lately? What are you excited to buy/wear this fall?

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