07 September 2016

The Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Like Beti over at Makeup Sessions, I too resisted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette for quite some time. I kept seeing review after review, look after look using it, and kept telling myself I didn't need it. I even refused to swatch it because I was trying not to shop and knew that the second I did I'd want it. Well, I let myself swatch it. Then I realized it was sold out everywhere and per usual - you always want what you can't have. 

This then lead me on a wild goose chase to find it. I called four Sephora's, two Ultas, and even thought for a brief few hours I had purchased it via Macy's online order/store pick up only to be sent a message that my order was cancelled. (I'm officially a crazy person.) By sheer luck, the last Sephora I called actually had some in stock. I was actually somewhat afraid the woman had looked up the wrong item when she said it was there. As you can see from these photos, she was correct and I left happily with my new palette.

Now you're probably wondering...was it actually worth all that trouble? Yes, it absolutely was.

I've already been playing with this a bunch and I am seriously impressed. The pigmentation is insane, - the color payoff is so rich and opaque, the formula is super buttery, and the shades blend flawlessly. The palette itself is incredibly versatile since it has a nice selection of beautiful neutrals as well as some gorgeous pops of color (all of which are perfect for fall). Most of the shades in the palette are a matte/satin finish but there are a few gorgeous shimmers. Primavera being my absolute favorite!

The palette is a fairly warm-toned palette and a great option to travel with. The packaging is slim and easy to throw in a bag and it comes with a nice sized mirror. The brush is decent, but I prefer to use my own MAC & Zoeva brushes. The palette retails for $42 which is a great deal for the amount of shades you get. 

One thing to note is that these do become very powdery when you swirl your brush in the pan - so be mindful of that. However, they don't register powdery on the eyes and I haven't experienced a ton of fallout from them either.

Tempera : light peachy beige, satin finish
Golden Ochre : medium olive/yellow, matte finish
Vermeer : bright warm toned peach, shimmer finish
Buon Fresco : medium mauve, matte finish
Antique Bronze : muted brown with red tones, pearly/shimmer
Love Letter : dark berry with cool tones, matte finish
Cyprus Umber : deep brown with warm undertones, matte finish
Raw Sienna : medium brown with golden tones, matte finish
Burnt Orange : medium orange/brown, matte finish
Primavera : peachy gold, shimmer finish
Red Ochre : deep red/brown, matte finish
Venetian Red : deep red, matte finish
Warm Taupe : taupe/brown, matte finish
Realgar : medium burnt orange, satin finish

Do any of you own this palette? What are your thoughts on it? Let's chat!

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