05 September 2016

Hello September | Monthly Goals

Happy official start to a new season and a new month! While I'm still waiting to start ordering all pumpkin flavored things, I am ready to start diving into a new season. At the beginning of August I wrote down a few goals and so I figured now was a good time to review that post and set a few goals for the month of September.

August's Goal Review:

1. Join a gym - check
I joined a great gym nearby and have been consistent with attending yoga, pilates, and zumba. Overall going about four times a week. I've even been throwing in some Soul Cycle classes for extra cardio.

2. Pre-fall overhaul - check! 
I actually accomplished this one over this past weekend. I did a major deep clean of the house and packed away quite a few bags. Now it's just time to get things dropped off at Goodwill, a local women's shelter, and get things prepped to sell.

3. No-spend month - check
I accomplished this goal and rewarded myself with a few items last week. I picked up with ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, an ABH Glow Kit, replaced my damaged Adidas sneakers, and picked up a few bits to wear to the gym. (After a month of consistently going I only felt it was a good reward to replace my yoga leggings that have holes in them that I refuse to throw out - cue the monkey covering eyes emoji.)

September Goals:

1. Continue with no-spend
After purchasing my few items at the start of the month, I'm planning to put myself back on the no-spend. It's a great way to stick to budget and to make sure I'm not spending haphazardly. Part of this plan also includes creating a list of items I need/want for October. Right now, I'm thinking of snagging a great coat and a pair of Everlane loafers. Pieces that are a bit more expensive, but that will hold up and stay looking great. I also know that down the road I want to invest in a few great sweaters and some nicely tailored dress pants for work.

2. Work on healthier eating
Now that I've got a good gym routine going I plan to focus on changing up my eating habits. Cutting out as much dessert as possible, starting the day with a great/easy breakfast, and making a few changes that will help make my meals healthier overall. I talked with Ashlyn (who is great at this) and plan on grabbing some egg whites, fruit, adding some more veggies to my round up, and ditching the olive/coconut oil when cooking. Lunch will be the hardest for me (I spend most days eating out with clients), but baby steps!

Did you make any monthly goals for August? Will you be making any for September? Let's chat!

Here are the pieces I mentioned in this post...

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