21 September 2016

The September 2016 Beauty Edit

I was looking back at older posts and saw where I did a bunch of "monthly beauty edits" around this time last year and decided to bring it back. It's a fun post to pull together that's separate from monthly favorites - since most of the products I'm sharing are repeats or ones that I use frequently. So far this month I've been all about the warm tones and simple products that give a flawless finish.

20 September 2016

I Woke Up Like This...Flawless...

Jokes, I spent this morning in the bathroom applying concealer and then baking the heck out of my face to look like this. But hey, the goal is to make it look flawless and natural...am I right? I recently dipped my toes into the world of setting/baking with a translucent loose powder and holy cow, this is what I've been missing out on?! It has totally transformed my makeup (like I had people replying to my Instagram story asking if I had a ring light on me the other day). Nope, I just baked my concealer and it makes a world of difference.

19 September 2016

MOTD | Fall Tones

Even though the temperatures are still unusually high  - this week we officially begin the Fall season. Once Thursday hits I'm no longer feeling bad about bringing out the Fall makeup, Fall candles, and Fall outfit options. So in preparation, I decided to play around with a fun and Fall appropriate look the other weekend. You'll be finding me wearing this combo all season long.

13 September 2016

Five Vampy Lipsticks To Get You Through Fall

The other week I put together a post sharing my top nude lipsticks to transition to Fall which you can read HERE...today we're diving right into full blown vampy Fall shades. I find once the temperatures start to drop I want shades as deep as you can get them and formulas super matte. I've rounded up a few lipsticks as well as some liquid lips that I love to wear religiously.

12 September 2016

The Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit 'Sun Dipped'

My second September splurge purchase also came from Anastasia Beverly Hills and was found by sheer luck. The Glow Kits have been hard to find just like the Modern Renaissance Palette and Sephora had just received a full stock of them when Ashlyn and I stopped in. Ashlyn has been raving about this palette for ages so when I saw it on the shelf I couldn't resist adding it to my collection.

07 September 2016

The Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Like Beti over at Makeup Sessions, I too resisted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette for quite some time. I kept seeing review after review, look after look using it, and kept telling myself I didn't need it. I even refused to swatch it because I was trying not to shop and knew that the second I did I'd want it. Well, I let myself swatch it. Then I realized it was sold out everywhere and per usual - you always want what you can't have. 

06 September 2016

Two Pieces I'll Be Living In This Fall...

Raise your hand if you're excited to start really wearing denim again without sweating to death! (This girl sure is!) I recently discovered my new favorite pair of jeans and also made a semi-repurchase of another favorite item for Fall - my Adidas sneakers.

05 September 2016

Hello September | Monthly Goals

Happy official start to a new season and a new month! While I'm still waiting to start ordering all pumpkin flavored things, I am ready to start diving into a new season. At the beginning of August I wrote down a few goals and so I figured now was a good time to review that post and set a few goals for the month of September.