08 August 2016

Hello August | Monthly Goals

I've seen quite a few other people talking about goals, plans, and checking in on their resolutions recently and it got me thinking. I find that September is always much more of a restart for me than January 1 (this year I didn't even make resolutions). With September approaching, I thought it might be fun to test myself to a few monthly goals in preparation for the change in seasons. Writing them down seems to always help make things stick - so maybe this will become a monthly thing!

1. Join a gym
I've been *thinking* about doing this for a few months now and keep chickening out. (What if I don't like the gym, what if I end up never going, I travel too much...) Well after work today I'm going to go join one. I prefer my workouts to come in the form of pilates, yoga, and zumba (I get so bored on the treadmill) and a gym is the most cost effective way to attend as many classes as I can/want. Basically I'm tired of feeling in a rut and want to change something about that. My goal is to attend at least three classes a week, four if I'm feeling optimistic.

2. Pre-fall overhaul
I love cleaning out the house and organizing. Probably more than most people. The end of summer and end of winter is my favorite time to really dig in and clear out things. I'm planning to focus on beauty products and clothes. Selling and donating anything in good condition. This way I can fill in the holes and do a little fall shopping - which leads me to goal #3.

3. The no-spend month 
August has deemed a no-spend month (which might just extend into September). I did this back at the beginning of the year and it felt so good. After a few months of crazy travel + spending, my credit card needs a break. August should be a bit calmer and I'm hoping to really bank a good amount so I can splurge on some fun Fall pieces and a plane ticket to LA. 

Do you have any goals for this month? Do you like to do things like this or do you just stick to New Years resolutions? Let's chat :)

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