30 August 2016

August 2016 Beauty Favorites

Well, can you spot a theme here lol? Clearly my brain has been on "Fall mode" for the past month. After getting back from Miami and then the beach with my family, I immediately went into the whole "I'm ready for cooler weather" phase. I definitely took my longing to get out of the heat wave we we've been having out on my makeup stash. 

29 August 2016

Revisiting the Becca Ombré Rouge Palette

Last year around October I snagged the Becca Ombré Rouge palette and it stayed as a consistent item in my makeup bag for most of the Fall/Winter. After a while though it ended up towards the back of my stash - not intentionally! With Fall on the way I began digging through my stash and pulling out old Autumnal favorites. This was by far my favorite find. 

23 August 2016

Five Nude Lipsticks to Transition to Fall

Nude lipsticks most definitely take up the most amount of space in my makeup storage. While I love deep plum shades and gorgeous burgundies, nude is just so easy. Nude always works with my more dramatic eye makeup and helps me feel polished on days when I wear less makeup. Today's post is about five products that are perfect to help transition you into fall. They are nude, but the range also includes a few shades that are a bit deeper and richer. They are that perfect jump in between a pretty pinky-nude for summer and a deep berry lip for fall. They also all have a creamier or sheerer finish to them. This way you can swipe quickly and run out the door when it's still heat wave temps or build up for a deeper shade when the temperatures drop.

17 August 2016

Building A MAC Palette - Advice Wanted!

A few weeks back I was desperate to get my hands on the Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette - and I almost got it. Unfortunately, before I could enter my card info it sold out (in 1 minute flat). After that day, I began thinking. Why don't I just build my own palette customized perfectly to what I'm looking for - warm neutrals and perfect every-day shades. So next month I'm planning on heading to MAC and building a six shade palette myself. (I'm thinking of it as a post-spending ban treat and a jump start into Fall!)

16 August 2016

My Go-To Fragrance

For years the only fragrance I ever wore was Chanel 'Chance' in Eau Fraîche. I felt like it truly was my scent. Fast forward a few years and I had strayed from my classic Chanel and was dabbling in the likes of Jo Malone and other fragrances. While I love Jo Malone scents and think they are beautiful, they never truly felt like me. Then last fall, I discovered Chanel 'Coco Noir'. I originally picked it up that day in the store purely because of how beautiful the bottle is; but fell immediately in love with the scent. 

15 August 2016

Bringing Back Old Favorites

Since I'm taking the month of August off from shopping I decided it was the perfect time to revisit some old favorites and dig around in my makeup drawer. Doing this has almost felt like a mini-refresh and it makes me excited to put on my makeup each morning - especially because I had forgotten how good this Maybelline mascara is!

10 August 2016

An Easy, Every-Day Face For The End of Summer

Over the past few weeks I feel like I've gotten into a really great, super simple makeup routine that involves less than ten products and takes less than fifteen minutes to throw on. The look is fresh and summery, but still polished and perfect for work.

08 August 2016

Hello August | Monthly Goals

I've seen quite a few other people talking about goals, plans, and checking in on their resolutions recently and it got me thinking. I find that September is always much more of a restart for me than January 1 (this year I didn't even make resolutions). With September approaching, I thought it might be fun to test myself to a few monthly goals in preparation for the change in seasons. Writing them down seems to always help make things stick - so maybe this will become a monthly thing!

02 August 2016

Just Landed | Hourglass Stick Foundation + Brush

When a box from Hourglass landed on my doorstep I was more than excited to test the product inside. I've never used a stick foundation before and couldn't wait to give this one a go (especially since I had seen Lou Teasdale post about it a few or so prior). I was so curious to see how it would wear versus my standard liquid foundations and BB Creams. I was also super intrigued to see how application would go. I was pleasantly surprised on all accounts...

01 August 2016

July Beauty Favorites

July has been one of those months where I looked around my beauty stash to see what was new and most loved from the month and really only came up with a few pieces - yet my credit card statement seems to show a whole lot more in the purchasing department...We will chalk that up to clothing and experiences I assume. (Anyways it sparked a need for a shopping ban - until Fall that is.) Enough rambling though - let's dig into this favorites post!