26 July 2016

Post Beach/Pool Haircare Tips

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Do you ever leave the beach/pool thinking your wavy hair looks amazing but feels terrible? Like holy crunchy...I know I have on numerous occasions. With my Miami trip behind me and a week at the beach coming up, I knew I wanted to find a good solution to help with "summer hair".  So when I had the opportunity to team up with (and raid) Sally Beauty I knew exactly the section I was heading to.

Ion was a brand that I was instantly drawn to - between the packaging and the large array of products I was excited to give them a go. They have a line specifically suited to damage that occurs during the summer and I couldn't wait to test things out. I picked up the entire range (which is so affordable by the way) and will definitely be packing these for my upcoming trip. To start with is the Summer Sun Shampoo. A formula specifically designed to help gently cleanse your hair and repair damage from the sun (my bleached blonde ends say thank you). After shampooing you follow up with the line's Deep Conditioning Treatment. Leaving this on for about 3 minutes (aka the while I shave my legs) I let the conditioner soak in and do it's job.

I picked up a wet hair comb (something I was ridiculously excited about) to use to evenly distribute the conditioner and to get all those knots the salty water and chlorine can leave behind out. Once I'm out of the shower I let my hair air dry and while my hair is still damp I spray in a bit of the Ion Miracle Summer Spray. This protects, hydrates, and helps to keep hair from tangling. To keep my wet hair out of the way, I usually throw it up in a bun with one of the fabric hair ties that doesn't damage or break your hair. The perfect solution to a no-heat look...the sleek, low bun or braids! When you take your hair out, you're left with beachy, no heat waves. A perfect example is how I wore my hair most of my time in Miami! It made for no-fuss and easy styling during the hot weather and busy days.

Have you tried anything from Ion before? Do you head to Sally Beauty often? 
Let's chat beachy hair in the comments below!

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