13 July 2016

My Most Used Products In 2016 (So Far)

Since we are about halfway through the year, I decided to pull together a post of my most-used products. The ones I reach for every day and I can't really go without. These are the pieces that always make it into my travel bag, the ones I've already purchased seconds of, and have changed up my daily routine for the better.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette : As you can see, this product has had a lot of love. I've hit pan, damaged one of the bronzer shades, and generally made a mess of it. Cost per wear...yup this one definitely worked out. I use this palette for a little bit of everything - to set my makeup, to contour, to just bronze in general, and even as eyeshadow. One of my favorite tricks is to use the middle and darkest shade on my eyes for an easy/low maintenance look finished off with loads of mascara. My most used shade is obviously the light shade in the middle. That's what I set my under eye and any problem areas with. I actually tend to mix it with the first shade, but I use a more generous swipe of the middle shade compared to the first. For contouring I use a mixture of the first and second shade. I find that when blended they make the perfect color for me.

Becca Cosmetics Highlighter 'Champagne Pop' : This is without a doubt my most grabbed highlighter - it has some serious markings on it and I might actually hit pan on this one in a good few months. I love wearing this one alone or mixed with Moonstone. This shade is definitely on the peachier side, which makes it perfect to mix with a bronzy makeup look (something I wear often). It also makes it ideal for summer, meaning I'm only going to get more use out of this one.

Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter : This is one of those products I was certain I'd never hit the end of...how wrong I am. Even though I use minimal amounts, you can see the crazy dent I've already made in this product. It's that good, I use it every day. Even mixed with other primers or thrown on as my only product for the day. It just helps to wake my skin up, give it a glow, and an extra dose of dewiness.

Buxom Cosmetics Gloss 'Hot Toddy' : This gloss basically lives with me, at all times. It's the perfect formula super glossy (enough to give you that Kris Jenner look), just the right amount of pigment, the scent/taste is minty and cooling, it helps to even out the lines in your lips, and plumps them ever so slightly. This shade is also my perfect nude - not too light, not too dark, juuuust right.

Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion 25I : While it doesn't show in this photo, I officially hit pan on this guy a day after this photo was snapped. (And I haven't done that since NARS Laguna!) The color combo + the amount of shimmer in this bronzer make it perfect for getting that all over glow - definitely not a product for contouring of any kind though. It's not too muddy or too ashy either so it really helps to give a summery look. 

Charlotte Tilbury Blush 'First Love' : I'll admit, a lot of my blushes look like this (and I love all of them). However, this one stands out the most. I think it's because of the dual coloring/formula. Shimmery and lighter on the outside ring, deeper and matte on the inner circle. I never apply them separately though, I swirl my brush through both to make a really great not too sparkly but glowy blush.

Glossier Boy Brow 'Brown' : I've had an on and off love with brow gels, thinking I'd found the perfect one only to fall out of love with it a few weeks later. This did not/has not happened with Boy Brow. I think what makes this product different is how the formula never gets stiff or crusty, it also doesn't get that glossy/coated look that can make brows look unnatural either. The tint is just enough color without going overboard either. 

NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer : Like I mentioned on Monday, this is a product I've loved for a long time and have recently come back to. It's coverage is just right, it's formula is creamy and never creases/gets cakey, and it's color match is perfect for me (I use the shade Vanilla). I find this is best applied with a damp beauty blender (sometimes I even spray a bit of Fix+ on my beauty blender as well) and set with the Kat Von D palette. 

Glossier Balm Dotcom : I am one of those people with perpetually chapped lips - no matter now much water I drink. This stuff is a godsend. It's like an amped up Vaseline. Where Vaseline has a great formula, it tends to just slid off and never does any long haul work. That's where Balm Dotcom comes into play - it has those same great healing properties, yet it stays. I'm talking about all night staying power where I wake up the next morning and still have it on.

What have your top products of the year been so far? Do we have any of the same ones? 
Let me know :)

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