06 June 2016

May Beauty Favorites 2016

Well, it's officially summer and I'm still over here buying all the nude products (insert laughing emoji here). What can I say...I'm a create of habit. While I feel like I've been shopping and spending loads, when I went to round up these favorites it felt small. I've been using the same set of products for months now (more on that tomorrow) and have really fallen in love with them. Here are the newish bits though that have been added in over the past few months that have really been standing out though!

NYC Liquid Liner : I've been using the Kat Von D Trooper liner for months now, but it seems like the past few I've purchased have been total duds. They just don't work quite like they originally did, which is super frustrating. I saw someone randomly recommend this liner and since it's barely $3 at the drugstore, I decided to give it a whirl. I love this stuff. (And did I mention it's $3?) It's super pigmented, wet, and has a fine tip that makes precision easy. When it dries down, it dries matte and jet black. It almost looks like a gel when dried. It dries quickly and doesn't budge or transfer. 

Buxom Lip Gloss 'Hot Toddy' : In the past few months I've totally become a gloss girl. The glossier the better...like give me Kris Jenner glossy please. This gloss is seriously the top of the top (even beating out my Marc Jacobs and Hourglass 'Child' gloss). It's super glossy, has good pigment (but not too much), the formula smooths out lines and gives a plumping effect, and it has a tingly minty feel/taste. The color is also out of this world good - it pairs with my lighter nude lipsticks perfectly and gives them just the right amount of tint. It also looks awesome on it's own. It's nude, but not too light and not too dark.

NARS Douceur : Ashlyn (who is the queen of finding things like this) scored this blush for me back around the holidays. It truly does live up to it's hype and I don't understand why NARS won't bring it back (apparently when it launched sales were terrible, which seems so crazy now). I've been rotating this out with my Charlotte Tilbury blush and it's just the absolutely perfect everyday, easy to wear shade.
Dupes : Tarte Exposed (slightly pinker)

Marc Jacobs Lipsticks 'J'Adore' & 'Anais' : These lipsticks have become my holy grail, hands down. Be prepared to see them in my best of 2016 review. While they look really similar in the photos, they are totally different (yup I know that's what people addicted to makeup say - but it's true)! J'Adore is from the original line, meaning the formula is a bit more matte (but not dry or hard to apply) and opaque. This shade is truly a darker shade of brown when I put it on. It has almost a mocha tone and feels very Kylie and very 90s - love. Anais is from the nude collection and the formula is creamier and more gel like (if that's even a thing). The shade is opaque, but not quite like the original shades. This shade has more of a beige tone to it and is my favorite paired with Buxom 'Hot Toddy'. Along with the formulas being amazing, the packaging also just makes this product. It's sleek, sexy, and the magnetic open/close is the best.

Becca Cosmetics Highlighter 'Moonstone' : I have been a die-hard wearer of 'Champagne Pop' since the moment it landed in my hands. I decided recently though it could be good to switch things up a bit. While I have quite a few highlighters, none of them did quite what I wanted. Moonstone checked all those boxes - it's a good daytime shade, but still has an intensity you expect with Becca products. It's also a perfect neutral (it's amazing how peachy/gold Champagne Pop really is). This shade is that perfect mix between a golden highlight and a silvery one. There's also not an ounce of pink in here either. 

What have you been loving this past month? Have you been gravitating towards bright shades for summer or staying more neutral? Let me know what I'm needing to add to my makeup bag this month.

ps : I'm thinking of snagging the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer - any thoughts? Who's used it and loved it? Is there anyone who doesn't love it?

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