20 June 2016

Two Splurge Purchases Worth Buying

A few weeks ago I made a semi-impulsive mini beauty haul and picked up two products - one I'd been wanting for quite some time and one brand new release. After a few weeks of testing both products, they have lived up to the hype and have a permanent home in my stash.

08 June 2016

Currently | My Go-To Products

For a while I felt like I was changing up products left and right. Bases weren't quite right, concealers were never leaving me totally satisfied, and bronzer was a whole different story. After the new year, a break from spending, and really doing some digging - I found a whole set of products that are totally perfect. It's hard to tell in this photo, but these bad boys are used every day and in less than pristine condition! But hey, I find that to be a great thing when it comes to makeup - it's the sign of an amazing product.

06 June 2016

May Beauty Favorites 2016

Well, it's officially summer and I'm still over here buying all the nude products (insert laughing emoji here). What can I say...I'm a create of habit. While I feel like I've been shopping and spending loads, when I went to round up these favorites it felt small. I've been using the same set of products for months now (more on that tomorrow) and have really fallen in love with them. Here are the newish bits though that have been added in over the past few months that have really been standing out though!

01 June 2016

The Summer Beauty Awards

Hello there! Long time no, post. These past few weeks have been filled with work, so much travel, and all the crazy little bits of life that blogging had to go on the back burner. But with the official start to summer, I figured now was the best time to jump back in. So when AOL's Lifestyle Collective reached out and asked if I wanted to be a part of their Summer Beauty Awards, I couldn't say no. For the past few weeks I've been testing these products out to be able to give you all the down low and let you know what's the top of the top and what quite didn't make my cut...