11 April 2016

Sephora VIB Haul + First Impressions

Oh Sephora...the greatest and also worst (I use the word fondly) place in the world. As I'm sure all of you have heard by this point we're fully into VIB Sale season. Being the complete addict/shopaholic that I am...I made a mad dash for Sephora the night that the sale started and here we are.

Hands down, this is definitely the most #feelingspendy haul I've done. Between the discount, a gift card, and money set aside...I went a little nuts. I did stick to my list for the most part, so I am proud of that! Enough rambling though...let's get onto the first impressions.

MILK Makeup Ubame Mascara : I've been low on my coveted YSL Shocking Mascara for a bit, and wanted to test something new. MILK was one line that has been getting a bunch of buzz and one that I've been wanting to try - especially after seeing how much Kelsey of Beauty By Kelsey loved their products! When I walked into Sephora and the MILK stand had arrived in all it's glory, I was ecstatic that I could snag the products right then and wouldn't have to order online. Now onto the mascara...it has a wild wand, three balls/knots which helps to separate and hit each lash. It was a bit unique putting it on for the first time - I definitely had to adjust to the wand style. The formula is creamy - not wet, not dry and didn't flake or smudge throughout the day.

MILK Makeup Face Gloss : When I saw MILK made a Face Gloss (which is marketed to be used on eyes, lips, or even over top of your makeup) I knew it was coming home with me. Being a lover of editorial looks like glossy lids and smudgy/lived in makeup I couldn't wait to test MILK's offering. I also own similar products from MAC, and MILK wins 100%. The formula of this is just so comfortable and not super sticky (like MAC). MAC's eye gloss has a time and place, don't get me wrong I love it - but I think the MILK Face Gloss is far more wearable.

Stila Magnificent Metal Foil Finish Eye Shadow 'Vintage Black Gold' : This is a purchase inspired by Advaita of Blush Canvas. I saw her post on Olive/Khaki shadows and just died over this Stila shadow. It's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a high-impact metallic/glittery shadow. The pigmentation in this is incredible, and I have an event coming up later this month that this will be perfect for. While it is a pricier shadow, it does also come with a liquid primer.

Beauty Blender Sponge - Nude : I absolutely adore using my Beauty Blender for concealer and figured it was about time to grab a new one. I saw the nude color had been recently released and loved the idea of it because it won't look so dirty!

Buxom Full On Lip Cream 'Hot Toddy' : Jaclyn Hill raves about the Buxom glosses all the time, so one of these was top on my list. I selected Hot Toddy which is a toasty, darker nude shade that matches my lips perfectly. It's hands down my perfect "my lips but better" gloss shade. It's pigmented, perfectly glossy, and makes my lips look so nice and full. I also love the minty, tingly taste/sensation it gives.

GlamGlow Plumprageous Gloss : Speaking of full lips...I snagged this lip plumper (it was my only "on a whim purchase") and have been so obsessed with it over the past few days. It gives quite the tingly/burning sensation - but in an oddly satisfying way. I can definitely tell it plumps my lips and it is super glossy, like Kris Jenner glossy which I'm in love with. I love pairing this with the Buxom gloss for the ultimate glossy full lips.

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Mask : Another Jaclyn influenced purchase, this is a peel off (something I live for), firming and tightening mask. So far I've tested this once and really like it. You apply it with the little brush, and it starts out white and as it dries it turns silver metallic. One thing I so appreciate about this mask is how little mess it creates - since you use the brush to apply it and then it peels off you don't get product all over your hands and the bathroom sink.

Marc Jacobs New Nudes Lipstick 'Anais' : A Marc Jacobs lipstick has been on my list for ages and since I absolutely adore his glosses, I had high hopes for the lipstick. Anais is a gorgeous, deeper nude that is described as a "spiced ginger" shade. It pairs perfectly with Hot Toddy and has such a creamy, pretty formula.

What will you be (or have you already) snagged from the VIB Sale? Let's chat overspending in Sephora below!

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