19 April 2016

The Review | 'Like', 'Literally'...'So Cute'

Hi, my name is Faith and I have an addiction to anything Kylie Jenner produces. After I fell hard for her matte Lip Kits, I just had to get my hands on her glosses the day they launched. I was lucky enough to snag all three ('Like', 'Literally', and 'So Cute') before they sold out and once again had no issue getting them in a timely manner.

Like : This is without a doubt my favorite shade - it's the deepest of the trio and has warm brown/beige tones to it. It's highly pigmented, super glossy, and thick (in a good way). It's not overly sticky on the lips and doesn't separate throughout the day. 

Literally : Literally is my second favorite and also the second darkest shade. It has more of a beach tone to it, and is less brown on the lips. It's a really nice nude without being overly nude or too light. I've found that wears similarly to Like throughout the day. I also posted a photo of this one on my Instagram - so you can see that HERE.

So Cute : So Cute is my least favorite out of the three. I find that it registers super light on my skin tone and can wash me out a bit. I also feel that out of the three it tends to separate the easiest throughout the day. I've yet to try this one with a liner, but I feel like I would love it more with a dark liner underneath.

A few overall thoughts...

The applicator of the glosses isn't as great as the wand on the Lip Kits - and one of mine did come a bit splayed apart. That being said, Kylie has immediately addressed the issues surrounding this and every gloss after the original launch has a new wand. 

The scent of these is a bit different from the original Lip Kits as well and reminds me of vanilla. The smell doesn't bother me and they register pretty tasteless to me (other people had said the taste wasn't one they liked, but I don't really feel like it has much of a taste). 

Did any of you snag Kylie glosses? Are you planning to grab any during her next launch? Also, I'm having a major gloss moment in general (Buxom glosses are also so high on my list) so share your favorite glosses with me!

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