15 March 2016

Let's Get NKD...

When a box from NKD SKN landed on my doorstep the other week, I felt like it was exactly what I needed. Post winter hibernation had me feeling kinda blah, definitely pale, and like I'd eaten just a few too many cookies while Netflix binging to keep out of the cold. A night of pampering, some healthy meals, and good new workout plan were just what the doctor ordered...

Onto the review though, NKD SKN promises an odor free sunless tanner with seamless application and perfectly bronzed color. Normally I use St Tropez for all my fake tanning needs, but was excited to try something new.

NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse : Just like St Tropez, this is a bottle with a pump that dispenses a tinted mousse that you work into your skin with a mitt. NKD SKN mousse actually comes with a mitt, unlike St Tropez (however it is tiny, and while cute, can be a bit of a mess if you aren't careful). So I recommend grabbing their large sized one for ease of application. What I like about this mousse is that it comes out much darker than St Tropez therefore I can see where I've applied product easier. However, this one seems to have a quicker dry-down time - which is good and bad. Good because I can put my pajamas on faster, bad because it can make things a bit streaky if you aren't careful. After I applied this I felt bronzed. Like holy cow, bronzed. I got a bit nervous I was going to be orange, but after washing it off the next morning I was left with a really nice glow. I did notice that the mitt had definite red tones left behind on it, whereas I feel like St Tropez can have almost a green tone. I take to warmer based products to begin with, but this might be something to keep in mind! 

NKD SKN Gradual Glow Moisturizer : This moisturizer is same concept as something like Jergens Natural Glow - a white cream that upon application to the skin bronzes lightly over time. Unlike Jergens, I feel like this had more of an impact. It is odorless right out of the tube, but develops the same scent that the mousse has as your tan enhances. I applied this product with a mitt, however as long as you wash your hands right away I don't see why you couldn't just apply it without a mitt. 

Overall, I've been very impressed. Not only do I love the packaging, the product inside does a great job. A few things to note - it is fairly odorless, but I find that after a bit I can smell a scent on myself. It's pretty much the same smell St Tropez gives off. Another thing - this bottle is about half the size of the St Tropez. So in the end, they do equal out to be about the same price.

*All products in this post were sent to me c/o NKD SKN. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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