09 March 2016

A Little MAC Haul

If you've been following my Instagram, you'll know that as of recent I've been on a total MAC kick. Maybe it has something to do with packaging/aesthetic or maybe it's purely just the fact that it's popping up on other people's social media more. (Just yesterday Lou Teasdale Snap Chatted about a MAC Paint Pot and well...now I'm dying to get my hands on it.) In my last favorites I raved about 'Kinda Sexy' - which is totally amazing and I feel like buying that kinda gave me the bug. I've dubbed March the "feeling spendy month" aka here is a mini MAC haul.

Prep + Prim, Fix+ : This is purely a Jaclyn Hill influenced purchase. She uses it all the time and I love the affect it gives on her makeup - especially for eye shadow. I also saw another YouTube recently use it to set her makeup and loved the dewy look it provided. I've stood in MAC debating about getting this since probably October...(so ridiculous) and finally picked it up the other week.

Lipglass 'Clear' : I picked this up for a few reasons. First off, it gives a shine/high gloss that rivals Kris Jenner's gloss. Since it's clear it can be paired with other shades or worn on it's own. I also wanted it because I was seeing it backstage during all of the different fashion weeks. They were using it to create a high gloss effect all over - even applied to the eyelids and as I posted about the other week I love nothing more than impractical glitter and high shine gloss. 

Matte Lipstick 'Stone' : I saw this shade floating around a bit and had swatched it once or twice before actually going back to snag it. It's a very unique shade - a bit gray-taupe but still a warm brown. It's neutral, but deeper and I've been grabbing it a ton lately.

Extended Lash Play Mascara : This was a re-purchase for me simply because I had gone way too long using my old one. This is the only mascara I use on my bottom lashes and it's amazing. It can do a simple swipe or be built up for the spider lash look I love. Having a new tube is actually life changing haha!

What do you love from MAC? Send me your recommendations down below, because clearly I need everything now!

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