23 March 2016

A Chatty Little Catch Up

Every now and then I think it's really nice to put up a chatty little catch up style post. Recently Celina of the The Celution did one and it reminded me how nice of a break in between beauty posts they can be.

The past few weeks have been full - full of work stuff, life stuff, and all the little things in between. A few major changes (all good and exciting) took place, and after the stress of getting to those things I've been left feeling like I'm in such a good place. It's amazing how a shift in environment and loving the space you call home can change your outlook on everything. During all of this I did some major purging and am so pleased with the outcome. Less items = less clutter = less stress = clearer thought process. 

On the totally opposite end of purging...March has been quite a "feeling spendy" month - aka I didn't stick to my no-shopping ban. But in all honesty I knew March would be this way, and they were items I was planning to snag. Because of this I plan to spend April getting back on track and going full blown no-spend. Fingers crossed for me!

Moving on, I feel like I've hit a really great spot with my makeup - I'm in a good groove with Glossier skincare products, have found some really amazing "holy grail" worthy makeup pieces, and have been loving a simple every day look - primer/foundation/concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight, brow gel, and lots mascara for a spider lash look. Less than ten products and I'm out the door feeling polished. You can check the products I've been relying on daily down below if you are interested :)

Lastly, can we get a hands up emoji for Daylight Saving? Isn't it amazing how that little extra bit of light can change your entire day? I feel more productive, my energy levels feel higher, my mood better, heck I even eat better with the warmer weather and longer amounts of sunlight. Natural sunlight and a little Vitamin D can do a person a whole lot of good.

How have your past few weeks been? Are you as much of a fan of Day Saving as I am? Any fun/exciting news you want to share?
Let's chat in the comments!

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