17 February 2016

The Beauty Lover Tag

Last week, the lovely Kelsey tagged me to participate in this tag post and I was so excited. The questions are fun and refreshing (to answer and read) so I knew I had to do it. Read on for the full tag + answers and to see who I tagged!

If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?
I'm sure a few of you can guess this one...but hands down Lou Teasdale! I would absolutely love to be able to chat with her, ask her tons of questions, and get a first hand tutorial on spider lashes from the queen of them herself. Plus she'd be able to do my hair and makeup all in one - a total win/win.

What's your top makeup tip?
Set your makeup!! The biggest area - under the eyes. Find a good contour kit or setting powder and set everything. Especially if you are like me and wear glasses - I go in and set that whole area otherwise my frames make a mess of my foundation/concealer.

What one makeup item could you not live without?
BB/CC Cream - thankfully since I have super dark features and fairly full brows I can live without mascara and eye makeup, but something to even out my skin and cover spots is a must! A BB/CC cream is glowy and natural looking as well.

What one skincare item could you not live without?
I'm going to go with cleanser here, simply because taking makeup off is the most important step. I figure I can cheat and use a good hydrating primer and foundation to help add some moisture back into my skin! 

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?
EYE SHADOW!! All I want in life is to be able to apply eye shadow like Jaclyn Hill. No matter the formula, the brush, how much blending I do, etc it never looks as precise, dramatic, yet still airbrushed/flawless as hers. I try though, and practice will hopefully make perfect!

What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?
Hmm, I can't really think of anything - plus like Kelsey I believe that if you love a look or feel beautiful doing your makeup a certain way then rock the hell out of it!

What's your favorite makeup era?
Oh man this is tricky! I definitely love the 60's - think Valley of the Dolls. But there is something I just absolutely LOVE about the 90s (which are totally back). Lip liner, brown-nude lipstick, deep berry lips, iridescent makeup, grungy eye looks, and more.

What's your guilty pleasure product?
Hmm, I'm gonna take this two ways. First - glitter. Hands down all things sparkly, glossy, shiny, and impractical. Secondly - foundation. I love buying foundation/base products and I don't mind spending a bit more on them either. My newest obsession is Dior.

What's your underdog product?
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer (in a tube - not the one in the pot). I feel like IT Cosmetics never gets a enough love and they have some amazing products. This concealer is a dream - it's thick and full coverage but it's so creamy and doesn't crease up. 

What's your favorite makeup product of 2015? 
Holy cow so hard! Can I have two? I'm gonna pick two...the IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Skin But Better Cream & the YSL Shocking Mascara. The CC Cream was definitely my most used base in 2015 and the YSL is the mascara I get the most people asking me if I have in lash extensions while wearing it.

Now, I invite everyone to do this tag! But, I'm also going to specifically tag - Sarah, Almu, Celina, & Cindy! Can't wait to read your posts ladies :)

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