29 February 2016

February Beauty Haul

Because January's no-spend was such a positive experience for me, I decided to keep it up for the month of February. I've been in the process of slowly revamping my collection (new bases, new brushes, etc), so I knew I wanted to continue that theme for this month's purchases.

23 February 2016

One to Watch | MUFE Pro Sculpting Palettes

I have been a tried and true fan of my Kat Von D Shade + Light palette for a few months now. Nothing else has really grabbed my attention in terms of contour until these little beauties caught my eye. They are an excellent addition to anyone's collection and perfect for someone who is just starting to play around with contour.

22 February 2016

Just Landed | Dior Spring 2016

Dior is a brand that became an instant love for me - their packaging is sleek, the products are gorgeous, and everything I've ever tried lives up to it's hype. Their base products totally rule my makeup drawers these days (I own two, but am dying to add a third to my stash). So when a few stunning launches landed on my doorstep I was beyond excited. 

17 February 2016

The Beauty Lover Tag

Last week, the lovely Kelsey tagged me to participate in this tag post and I was so excited. The questions are fun and refreshing (to answer and read) so I knew I had to do it. Read on for the full tag + answers and to see who I tagged!

16 February 2016

Every-Day Makeup | Taupe Neutrals

Eeek, something a bit different on here today...my face! Last weekend when Sarah and I were testing out some new ways to shoot, we decided to get in front of the camera for a change and have some fun. I was pretty pleased with this makeup look, so I figured why not pull together a post around it! It's a neutral look, but uses mauve/taupe shades for something a bit different.

15 February 2016

All That Glitters...

It's official, I'm fully addicted to all things glitter + gloss. From rock and roll smudgy gloss to disco-era high impact glitter, I want it all. I've discovered a few products recently that easily achieve these looks and haven't been able to put them down. 

11 February 2016

A Perfect Valentine's Day Fragrance

When the limited edition bottle of Hanae Mori Butterfly* landed on my doorstep; I knew it would be a perfect fit for Valentine's Day. Between the gorgeous blush box it comes in, to the scent it screams special occasion. 

09 February 2016

Back To Blogging | Creative Inspiration

At the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 I found myself in quite a rut. I was frustrated with a lot of things. I found myself rather unmotivated, feeling a lack of creativity, and sort of tired of all things social media. A few days into January I decided to take a break. I didn't pick up my camera, if I posted on Instagram it was photos I had stocked up on/saved from a while back, and I recharged my batteries. It took quite a bit of time - I tried to shoot photos here and there but was always dissatisfied (the lighting was bad, the photos didn't look right, etc); but eventually things fell back into place. 

08 February 2016

The Daily Edit | February

2016 has been a year of two things: bold, wild, neons and blush, nude shades. Polar opposites right...but they also work together surprisingly well. In terms of makeup, blush/nudes have been ruling my selection. From the perfect pink-ish highlight to the best nude lip shades, I've been keeping things light and easy.

03 February 2016

The Review | Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

If someone came to me and asked me to recommend an Hourglass product for them, without hesitation I'd send them straight for any of their highlighting products. Hourglass has effortless, lit from within glow down to a science. No super crazy glitter, no extreme shimmer, just subtle, healthy highlight. When I got my hands on the new Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder, I had the same expectations and it definitely didn't let me down.

02 February 2016

The No-Spend January + A Little Beauty Haul

January was a month of change and resetting life in general for me. Towards the end of December I hit a point where I was super frustrated with myself. I had gotten sucked into some bad spending habits, taken a few amazing trips, and then of course Christmas shopping always adds up. I knew that I needed to hit the reset button on my spending and give my credit card a rest. At the end of the month I sat down, set some goals for 2016, and came up with a plan. After exchanging a few Christmas presents I set out to do a month of no spending (aside from food & household supplies) with the idea that I would reward myself at the end of the month with a few carefully selected purchases that were within my budget.

01 February 2016

January Beauty Favorites

January was a month of rediscovering for me - pulling out old favorites and learning to rework them. I attribute that to brainstorming for my top 2015 post and my month of no-spending (more on that tomorrow).