02 September 2015

September Goals

Well this is a post with a photo that doesn't quite correlate, but well it's pretty and gives you all a little eye-candy to look at while reading all my scatter brain thoughts. For me, the beginning of Fall is much more significant than January 1. I guess from all those years of being in school I just associate fresh starts with Fall. I want to revamp my wardrobe, clear out the house (screw Spring cleaning, it's all about the Autumn overhaul for me), and stock up on all the organizational bits I can (you can take the girl out of school, but you can't take the school supplies away from her). 

With all of that being said, I thought the beginning of September would be an ideal time to write down a few fresh goals. Putting them on paper (or a blog post) makes them seem all a bit more real and easier to commit to. 

Get Rid of Things 
I have a house filled with things that I barely touch half the time and I'm so tired of it. The other weekend I spent a little time clearing out a small section and instantly felt better. I want try and spend the next few weeks going through things bit by bit. Selling clothes, donating clothes, and just genuinely getting rid of junk. I feel like I do this each season, but secretly I'm a hoarder and never get rid of as much as I need to. So this season, it's going to go.

Revamp & Spend Wisely
Now on the totally opposite end of the spectrum from clearing things out is revamping. My goal with new purchases is to get things that one, go with multiple items in my wardrobe and two, are purposeful and well made. Instead of buying five sweaters because there is a huge promo going, I'd rather buy one really well made sweater I've been lusting after. My biggest goal items to purchase are the Acne Jensen Boots and a really great work bag. A few other things include a classic coat, great [flat] over the knee boots, and some well made/well fitting sweaters for the cooler weather.

Stay Inspired
Being in a creative field and having a creative hobby I feel like it becomes so easy to get in a slump and feel uninspired. I was definitely going through that not long ago and then I found myself on Tumblr one night. At 11:30pm I was dying to get my camera out and start snapping photos. Something about Tumblr totally triggered that creative bug in me and got me really excited again. I find that it's really easy to forget to stop going for a bit and just mindlessly let yourself look at imagery, read, or enjoy art. It's something I'm working to put back into my go, go, go routine. Aka, I will get through that stack of magazine that seems to always pile up!

Now, time to fill me in on what your goals for the upcoming season are :) and I'll leave you with one last little bit of inspiration from my favorite author.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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