21 September 2015

Currently Loving//Catch Up

For me, Fall tends to bring change and exciting things. This year is no different, and the past few weeks have been a total whirl-wind. After starting a new position at work, making one major purchase (see below), and heading off on vacation; I'm excited to be back in town and getting back into the swing of things. While all things have been exciting, I'm definitely a little behind on blogging and lot happy to be home. Today's post rounds up a few fun things I've been loving as of late.

The At-Home Espresso

When I got back from vacation, I had the cutest little Nespresso Pixie Clips* machine waiting for me on my doorstep. I've been testing it out the past few days and kinda don't know how I lived without it. It's the tiniest, cutest, little espresso machine and cranks out a piping hot espresso in seconds. It's basically lightning fast compared to my regular coffee maker and much smaller. It's super easy to use; fill with water, pop in the coffee pod, press your drink size, and voila - instant espresso with foam included at the top. No more running out the door trying to make it to Starbucks before work. My current favorite pod to use is their Tribute to Milano*, it's dark and highly aromatic with an intense flavor (perfect for early morning). 

The Major Purchase
I bought a car. GAH. I still get such a thrill saying that. In high school and college I drove an old little four door car my parents so kindly let me use and after I moved into the city I ended up letting my brother take my car. While car-less I relied on the metro and walking everywhere. With my new role at work I need a car to get to meetings so I took the plunge and bought my very fist car, all on my own. It's the cutest little SUV and naturally it's white with black details.

The Fun Event
Last week I had the pleasure of attending a super fun event at the Georgetown Madewell. They have converted their second story into a very cool venue/pop up shop space which is currently hosting the Cambridge Satchel. They also now permanently offer a monograming service (which is what you see above on my little clutch*). How amazing is that giant gold lettering?! You can also get silver or embossed lettering along with fun little symbols instead of initials. 

The Trip Planning
The craziness doesn't end in September, come October I've got a few trips planned. The one I'm most excited for is coming up in just under two weeks time. Sarah and I will be heading to NYC. If you've followed my blog for a long time, you may remember that I was heading up to Manhattan quite often for a while there. Well, it's been almost a year since my last visit and I'm just itching to get up there. We've been planning outfits, which stores were dying to hit up, and we're hoping to pop into Jack's Wife for brunch and grab a coffee or two from Happy Bones. I can't wait.

Now, after I've rambled on for ages...please share what you've been currently loving and what fun stuff you all have going on! I always love to read your comments :)

*gifted sample

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