31 August 2015

Currently Loving + Giveaway!

When SunglassesShop reached out and asked if they could send a pair of frames my way, I said yes without hesitation. They have curated a site filled with some of the best sunglasses and brands out there, so it was almost impossible to pick a pair. After a bit of deliberation I settled on the Le Specs Neo Noir frames in matte black.

26 August 2015

Instagram + Life Catch Up

Things have been rather hectic lately - leaving me with less time to put together full blown blog post. Even though I haven't been able to keep a full blog schedule going, I have been posting to Instagram regularly. It's the perfect happy medium when things get chaotic, so I decided to share a few snippets of what's been going on lately.

25 August 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection

A few weeks back I rounded up my top MAC lipliners (aka the Kylie Jenner collection) and loved sharing that post. Since that one went so well I figured I'd round up my collection of MAC lipsticks and share those! My collection isn't massive (compared to some people out there) but each color fits a specific need. 

24 August 2015

Everyday Must-Haves

The other day I began thinking about what items I absolutely couldn't live without - not necessarily products like foundation or cleanser but other bits; little things that just make me feel put together. 

17 August 2015

Currently Loving | Catch Up

Happy Monday everyone! After a whirl-wind weekend of celebrating birthdays and beauty launches I'm happy to settle into the work-week and get everything back on track and organized. Content may be a bit light this week, but I figured I would at least share a bit of what I've been loving lately!

12 August 2015

Get Glowing!

I think highlighters have seriously taken over my bathroom skin/morning routine. Basically I've been bathing myself in highlight for the past few weeks and loving ever minute of it. Give me all the glow possible. That being said today's post is a round-up of favorites that have upped my beauty game.

11 August 2015


If you told me that I could only pick one brand to ever wear again, I would without hesitation choose Saint Laurent. So when Farfetch reached out and asked me to create a look centered around Yves Saint Laurent's infamous Smoking Jacket, I knew the task wouldn't be hard. Mixing classic with edgy, adding in a little rock-n-roll vibe, and utilising well tailored pieces creates the perfect look for any moment.

10 August 2015


Up until last Sunday I was the beauty blogger who'd almost never touch a set of false lashes. Need me to wing out some liner...no problem, want a Kylie Jenner-esque pout...I've got you, looking for some cool braids...I can handle that, but false lashes and I just didn't get along. 

04 August 2015

The Perfect Pair

Naturally, I gravitate towards neutral nails...what else is new?! Normally I'm super boring and do my fingers and toes in the same polish, but lately I've been switching things up a bit. I've been loving mixing a nude with a super dark shade. Currently I'm sporting Don't Bossa Nova Me Around on my toes (which is new for me since I normally do dark shades on my toes) and Black Onyx on my fingers. Since my collection of neutrals is rather large I thought I'd share some of my favorite options.

03 August 2015

July Beauty Favorites

Woohoo another monthly favorites in the books! Nothing gets me as excited as monthly favorites posts. I just love looking back on everything that I obsessively used over the last month!