27 July 2015

My Top Makeup Brushes

A few nights back as I was cleaning my brushes I realized how much I played favorites with certain ones - aka they were crazy dirty. Therefore this post was born - below is a roundup of just less than ten brushes that make up my top list. 

Foundation Brush - IT Cosmetics Flat Top Buffing Brush #6* : When this brush arrived I was beyond excited. I haven't had it for too long but it has shot to the top of my brush list. For a while now I was using my hands to apply CC Creams because I didn't have a brush that really blended those in enough to look like skin. Enter to IT Cosmetics #6...this brush gives an airbrush finish, doesn't overly load on product, and can be used to build up layers flawlessly. Not to mention it is so soft. 

Concealer Brush - MAC Cosmetics #224 Tapered Blending Brush : I always used small blending brushes for concealer until I popped into MAC earlier this summer and was recommended this brush. Technically it's listed as an eyeshadow brush, but its also perfect for getting concealer looking flawless since it's not as dense. The tapered end is also perfect for getting around the eye area. I start by tapping on my concealer and then go in and buff.

Powder Brush - IT Cosmetics Wand Ball Powder #8* : In terms of powder brushes this one is smaller and much more tapered than the others in my stash - and I love it. Since I don't use a ton of powder and only apply it in a few places the smaller, tapered shape is perfect. It's also incredibly soft.

Blush Brush - Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish #126* : One of two brushes I love for blush application. Since this brush is a bit fluffier, it disperses product out wider and a bit more sheer. This one is great with brighter pops of blush where I want a sheer wash of color all over the cheek.

Blush Brush - NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 : Yes, another blush brush seems a bit excessive...but this one applies product very differently. This one also works really well as a contour brush due to it's tapered end. I like using this brush if I want a more dense, targeted application.

Bronzer Brush - Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek #127* : I find that this brush works really well for my face in terms of bronzer. It's angled edge sits in my cheekbone perfectly and can create the "3" shape on my face the best.

Eyeshadow Base Brush - Zoeva Luxe Smoky Shader #234* : I love, love, love this brush for packing on those first dense layers of eyeshadow. 

Eyeshadow Blending Brush - MAC #217 Blending Brush : The iconic blending brush. This is the go-to brush for softening up and blending out eyeshadow at the crease. I also really like using this one with cream eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow Crease Brush - Zoeva Luxe Crease #228* : I've recently been picking this brush up more and more seeing as it's a little less dense and more tapered than the #217. When doing intense cranberry or bronzy eyes I like using this one because it can blend out even more than the #217 for a flawless finish.

Now let me know, which brushes can you not live without? 

*Gifted sample

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