30 July 2015

The Concert #MOTD

This weekend my good friend Sarah and I are off for what is basically the highlight of our year - I mean this almost trumps Christmas to be honest. We are off to see One Direction perform live! (Harry Styles is obviously my guiltiest pleasure.) This year marks our second tour seeing them and I couldn't be more excited. The outfit has been planned, so next up is the makeup. I'm going for quite a Lou Teasdale vibe - duh. So a good smoky eye and nude lip is in order with lots of spider lashes.

29 July 2015

So Your Hair Needs A Little TLC...

My arsenal of haircare products has been increasingly growing as of late, and I've found some great products that really do their job. Between cleansing, conditioning, and protecting these products have a permanent spot in my bathroom cabinet.

28 July 2015

Opinions Needed! The Moisturizer Debate

So...a bit of a different and super quick post this evening. I've been debating between these two moisturizers...the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream and the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. When the temperatures cool off in the next coming months I'll need to add a good hydrating moisturizer to my routine. Both have great reviews and I'm totally torn - which is unusual since I'm normally not too indecisive when it comes to beauty products. So...I want to know, have any of you used either? If so, what are your thoughts? Also, if you have any other amazing, hydrating moisturizers do share! Be sure to comment below :)

Currently Wearing | The Easy Morning Routine

While my routine never strays too much during the week I do often like to update and switch out products. Above a few new ones (plus a few tried and true) that I have introduced into my day-to-day look that are really working well at the moment.

27 July 2015

My Top Makeup Brushes

A few nights back as I was cleaning my brushes I realized how much I played favorites with certain ones - aka they were crazy dirty. Therefore this post was born - below is a roundup of just less than ten brushes that make up my top list. 

21 July 2015

Summer Skincare Routine

With the boiling hot days of Summer comes a revamp in the skincare routine - essentially pairing it down a bit and taking out some of my heavier moisturizers. Read on to see the products I've been loving during these warmer months!

20 July 2015

Get The Look | Lou Teasdale Hair

It's not often I talk about the artists and industry pros that inspire me, but without a doubt my top inspiration is Lou Teasdale. She's best known for keeping the boys of One Direction perfectly styled; but I also love her cool-girl style, lived-in London vibe makeup, and of course her perfectly beachy waves and braids. If I could pick one look to effortlessly pull off, it would definitely be her signature lavender/silver hair. 

When a few new Redken products landed on my doorstep I knew that they would be perfect for creating looks inspired by Lou. (Especially now that her hair has been cut in a similar style to mine!)

16 July 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites!

Nothing quite beats the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each Summer. With it's amazing deals and new products it gets me excited for Fall and a bit of revamping. This year I found quite a few beauty steals that are just too good to be true. Top of my list (and hands down the best deal) is the NARS "Blame It On NARS" palette. It hosts a quad of gorgeous colors (none of which I own) including the Casino bronzer that I've been dying to get my hands on. Another must snag is the Charlotte Tilbury "On the Go Essentials" set - all full size products with the exception of the moisturizer, plus a makeup bag. The price point for that one is amazing as well - just about 30% off of full retail value. 

So let me know...will you be shopping the sale? What are some of your must haves for the upcoming Fall season?

Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau & Bais Set

*Currently pre-sale for card members is going on now, sale opens to all tomorrow!

15 July 2015

The Summer Duo

When a Sephora gift card landed in my happy little hands I couldn't wait to make a trip to snag a few items I'd recently been lusting after. With enabling from both Latasha & Zoe I knew exactly what summery items I wanted to snag.

14 July 2015

How I Shoot Flat-Lays

One of my most asked questions on social media is often about how I take my photos. *Disclaimer* While I am absolutely not an expert, I figured it would be a fun (and hopefully helpful) post to put together for you guys! Read on for a few tips and tricks I follow while shooting

13 July 2015

Why You Need the Zoeva Cocoa Palette...

A few weeks back the new Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette landed on my doorstep wrapped in the cutest packaging (resembling a chocolate bar). Upon opening I found a full set of warm neutrals with a few unique shades thrown in; and I was instantly intrigued.

03 July 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday


Cheers to a four day work week and a Friday off! I couldn't be more excited to have a bit of extra weekend, and plan to use the time off to my full advantage. Lots of time outside, some good drinks and food with friends, and of course blog prep. Fingers crossed on getting lots done and working ahead some! I hope all my US readers have an amazing Fourth of July off and that everyone else has a fantastic weekend!

01 July 2015

June Beauty Favorites

I honestly think monthly favorites post are my favorite to do. I find making my list and really zeroing in on the products that stood out so much fun. This month had a lot of winning products that are serious staples in my stash now!