11 June 2015

Best Of High End Brands Tag

The lovely Sarah of Sarah Loves Makeup tagged me last week to share my top product from each high end brand. The High End Brand Tag allows for only one single item to be chosen from each high end brand that graces my stash. This was hands down the hardest thing to do, since I covet so many items from each of these brands...but I finally got it narrowed down.

Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze & Glow : While everything Charlotte Tilbury makes is totally swoon worthy, her bronzer/highlight combo takes the cake. Finely milled, perfectly colored, and the fact that the two come together makes this the ultimate. The champagne highlight is by far one of my favorites, especially for evening use. The sculpt and highlight embossing has definitely worn off of each side and I hate to think of the day when I hit pan!

Chanel - CC Cream SPF 50 : I think this product may just win for most appearances on my blog. I seriously cannot live without this stuff. Even though I have some stunning lipsticks I adore from Chanel, this base trumps pretty much this entire list. 

NARS - Dual Intensity Blush 'Fervor' : NARS was another tricky one for me since I own such a large amount of their range and love it all. I knew I had to go with one of their powder products and decided that the Dual Intensity Blush deserved this spot. Simply because of its versatility, formula, and finish.

Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Blush 'Luminous Flush' : This blush is the perfect peachy, pink shade + highlight in one. The gorgeous champagne-y shimmer that runs through this is gorgeous. 

By Terry - Ombré Blackstar 'Bronze Moon' : While I own many shadows and palettes my most used would have to be the By Terry cream shadow sticks. I have a few, but Bronze Moon is my top choice. I get the most compliments on my eye makeup when I wear this shade. It pairs beautifully with coppery pigment as well and brings out the warm tones in my eyes.

Marc Jacobs - Enamored Lip Gloss 'Pretty Thing' : I've tried a few things from the Marc Jacobs beauty range and none stand out quite like the Enamored glosses. Plumping, smooth, and a gorgeous color range would be the best way to describe these. Pretty Thing is my perfect nude.

Tom Ford - Eye Defining Pen* : Tom Ford was another challenge since I swear by his shadows, lipsticks, and his new cream cheek blush. Without a doubt though the one item from TF I absolutely could not live without is this liquid liner pen. Even though it's pricey it's the one non-base item that I will have to have in my bag at all times! It's fine, super precise dual ends make for the cleanest and sharpest cat eye. The formula is like no other as well. It has some serious staying power and it last for absolute ages.

Now it's your turn! Latasha, Maddy, & Beti I'm tagging you ;) and anyone else who wants to participate! Let me know me your top items from your favorite brands!

*Gifted sample


  1. Yay thanks for the tag! I pretty much love all your picks and see couple of my all time favorites :) I received the Chanel CC cream yesterday, I tried it right away and I love it. That was a Faith inspired purchase :)

  2. I've heard so many great things about that Ambient Lighting blush I must try it!


  3. I don't even know how you handled picking a NARS favorite! Is the Tom Ford liner a brush? Or more of a (blanking on the word) foam point? I've found that the brush tip works so much better for me - and I've been looking for a deep-black formula to pick up.

  4. Loveeeeee! Your picks are perfect :)

  5. This tag seems fun! I may have to give it a go. What pigments do you pair with Bronze Moon? x

  6. I need this CC cream. I adore Chanel bases and this one is getting a lot of love x

  7. Love how we can inspire and enable each other's purchases lol! Can't wait to see what all you post about :)

  8. It's wonderful! Next to NARS they do powder products the best!

  9. Oh my god the struggle was real! I sat with like four products debating which one got to go in the post! Yes! The TF pen is a brush with tiny little hairs which I totally prefer to the foam type ones!

  10. Thanks for creating the tag love!!

  11. Yes!! Definitely do the tag, I'd love to see your picks! I love coppery colored shimmers. The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette has one and the TF Cognac Sable has a great one!

  12. This CC cream is seriously all I have been wearing as of late. It's definitely made it to holy grail status for sure!

  13. Hi Faith,

    I love NARS, but have yet to try the dual intensity blushes... fervor looks gorgeous!

  14. Here we go again with me saying i need this CC Cream - STAT! I'm just waiting to use up my almost gone BB Cream. You'll be the first to know once I get it. Love all these colors Faith.


  15. Hourglass blush!LOVE them so gorgeous!