28 May 2015

That Time All My Brushes Were Wet...

It's no surprise I love my makeup brushes, especially my Zoeva sets. However, I'm actually the worst at cleaning them (it's quite embarrassing to be honest). Last week though I hit the point of absolutely needing to clean them and so I did (finally). In fact I got into a very productive mode and cleaned every single brush I own. When the next morning rolled around though, every single brush I own was still wet. Cue get-ready stress and grumpy thoughts as to why I don't wash my brushes. Unfortunately since it was a work day and I had to look presentable the only option was to make the best of it. And voila, this post was born. The "how I did my makeup sans a single brush" post.

First up - the products below is a list of everything I used that morning. 

Each product I chose was a cream based product that could be blended with just my fingers. I stuck with the Chanel CC cream due to how well it blends out without a brush. While I prefer using a brush with the NARS concealer it works well with just fingers. I let both of those sink in a bit while I did my brows and then moved onto my eyes. For brows the obvious choice was the Brow Wiz since it is a waxy nub that doesn't require an angled brush. Moving onto eyes, the By Terry Ombré Blackstars blend like a dream so I knew I could get away with using one sans a brush. I prefer the finish with a fluffy blending brush, but in a pinch fingers work too. I topped off Misty rock with a bit of liquid liner and pencil for tight-lining. Mascara was next and then I went back in with concealer to finish up my under eye area. I skipped bronzer that day and just went for a subtle pink cheek. The Tom Ford Cream Cheek is hands down the best cream blush I own. It blends so, so well with just your hands. I also love popping a bit of it on my lips for a little color there as well. 

There you have it - all the products I reached for when all my brushes were still too wet to use. Let me know in the comments if you prefer using brushes or your hands! I'd love to hear your techniques.

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  1. For lighter bases I use my hands for application cause it's quicker and I think they apply better that way. I also use my hands to blend out Bronze Moon especially if I'm in a hurry.

  2. I loved this post! I do tend to use brushes most days but some days your hands do just as good of a job, especially when it comes to base products!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  3. Hi Faith,

    I used to be more of a fingers person, but lately I've been reaching for brushes! I guess it's so I don't have to constantly clean my hands throughout the process of application. I suppose I could live without though with a combination of pencils and perhaps NARS multiples!

  4. I definitely go back and forth on base products - some have to be with a brush and others work well with my hands! And I totally learned the hard way that all my cream shadows have totally stained my brushes!!

  5. I need to start using my hands more for Bronze Moon - it totally stained by 217!

  6. Yes I agree! I'm 50/50 with bases - some bases look best with finger application and some look best with a brush!

  7. That's the one thing that bugs me! I'm always running to the kitchen for a paper towel to clean my hands so I don't get makeup on my light color towels!

  8. There is nothing like having freshly cleaned brushes, but man they take FOREVER to dry. I have had to do the whole apply with my fingers thing a couple times over the last month or so & it really isn't all that bad.