12 May 2015

Current Hair Routine | Products

In the past few months I've gotten more into haircare products and building up my collection. I like having a mix of shampoos, some styling options, and last but not least conditioning and moisturizing products to use when needed.

The Brush: Not only is the bright yellow super fun this brush works really well (much better than my previous cheap buys). It's not super expensive but it works well on wet or dry hair which is ideal. It's great for detangling but also for blow drying.

The Everyday Shampoo: I'm a big fan of natural, wavy hair so this shampoo is an obvious choice for me. (Especially now that it is summertime.) I usually wash my hair every other day and find with this product I can often get away with not needing dry shampoo. The other great thing about the Surf Shampoo is that it gives me a nice second day hair texture on day one.

The Weekly Shampoo: This is once a week wash - and yes I reserve this one for Sunday (or sometimes Monday) depending on the schedule I'm on. It is the perfect clarifying product that removes build up and helps keep my hair feeling fresh. I dedicated an entire post to this product which you can read HERE.

The Everyday Conditioner: I don't always use conditioner but when I do I reach straight for the Invisible Oil by Bumble & Bumble. It's super light, cuts out frizz, and helps to give a nice texture.

The Weekly Mask: Once a week (usually on Friday) I throw in this mask to help deep condition and add in moisture since the Surf Shampoo and Sunday Shampoo can be a bit drying. I let it sit for seven minutes and then wash out well. It leaves my hair nice and soft and super sleek.

The Texturing Spray: My favorite styling product since it doubles as a texturizing/volumizing spray and a dry shampoo. I've tried other products similar to this and all of them leave my hair greasy and feeling pretty gross shortly after application. Unlike all the others this one just adds a nice texture and counteracts any grease.

The Heat Protectant: This is the newest product I've added to my collection and I really love it. After I get out of the shower and brush through my wet hair I spray a bit of this on and it really helps to keep my hair from getting super fluffy and frizzy post blow dry. (I sometimes resemble Hermione Granger after blow drying lol.)

The Styling Paste: This product is a great one for creating piecer ends when wearing a natural wavy style. It's also awesome for adding grip when styling an updo!

Share some of your favorite haircare products with me below! I'd love to hear your favorites!


  1. I still have to get that Oribe spray, it seems that everyone loves it :) I'll probably start with the travel size just to make sure I like it before I spend the extra money.

  2. I recently chopped my hair and have been wanting a more flowy natural look! So I've been on a mission for new products to help me achieve that! Definitely going to give the Bumble & Bumble products a try!

  3. Bumble & Bumble are def. some of my favorite products! I am so happy that I got the Sunday shampoo. & Oribe is a daily favorite for sure. & love the styling paste -- especially that is ends up not being super sticky. Such a pretty photo! xoxo

  4. I'm a huge fan of R+Co Styling Mousse. I'm in desperate need of volumizing hair products. And I've missed my Bumble and Bumble Surf products! This post has me so ready for summer! xo

  5. I need to invest in a styling piece to hold down my curls! Love this photo too! xoxo