27 May 2015

100 Happy Things

The other week the lovely Stephanie of CocoChic shared her 150 Things To Be Happy About list and I loved it. She inspired me to jot down some of my favorite/happy things and do a post of my own. I didn't quite get to 150 (I stopped at 100), but creating the list was super fun.

 1. Fresh cut flowers from my local floral shop
2. Waking up to warm, clear sunlight coming through the windows
3. Paying a bill early
4. New candles almost too pretty to burn
5. Having all my blog content scheduled out on Sunday night
6. Fresh laundry
7. Diet Coke from a fountain machine
8. Waking up before the alarm
9. Freshly ground & brewed coffee
10. Perfect walking weather
11. Wandering through the bookstore
12. Brand new, glossy magazines
13. A freshly cleaned apartment
14. Checking off items from a to-do list
15. A fully stocked fridge
16. My favorite jeans
17. Gifting someone a "just because" present
18. Surprising a friend with coffee
19. A well made Mojito 
20. A good YouTube binge-session
21. Driving with the windows down
22. The shift from Summer to Fall when things become crisp
23. Watching the New York skyline rise up in the distance
24. Staying up late to finish a book
25. Homemade pizza
26. Monday holidays
27. Friends you can be silent with
28. Thai takeout from my favorite spot
29. Working in a café instead of my usual office
30. Staycations
31. The smell of sunscreen/summer
32. Really good eyeliner days
33. A good "first day nail" after an at home manicure
34. The excitement before a road trip somewhere
35. A good playlist
36. No makeup days
37. Good mail days (aka no bills & packages instead)
38. Summer rainstorms that leave everything feeling clean
39. Late night talks with good friends
40. Eating raw cookie dough (sorry Mom)
41. Thunderstorms at the beach
42. Finishing a huge project
43. Re-organizing cabinets/drawers
44. Closet clear-outs
45. Knowing your gel manicure won't chip and you can be #reckless
46. Re-watching a favorite movie a trillion times
47. Trips to Ikea
48. The smell of book pages
49. Popping a bottle of champagne
50. Freshly cleaned makeup brushes
51. Laughing until you can barely breath
52. OPI's Black Cherry Chutney - always
53. Wandering through the farmer's market
54. Men who dress well
55. The fact that Birkenstocks are on-trend again
56. Overalls (thank you Ashlyn)
57. Finding that perfect mascara
58. Spur of the moment shopping sprees
59. Long summer days where the sun doesn't set until almost 9pm
60. The smell of fresh lavender
61. Making blog/internet friends
62. Wine outside on warm summer nights
63. Clear nights where you can see the stars
64. Peonies that bloom just in time for my birthday
65. LUSH bubble baths on cold nights
66. Wrapping + giving someone a present
67. Fridays
68. My Mom's flower gardens
69. Driving during the "golden hour"
70. Getting a good photo on the first try
71. Realizing there's still another day to the weekend
72. Late night food
73. Coffee shops with good interiors
74. Chocolate chip pancakes at home
75. Opening up all the windows
76. The 'Best Song Ever' music video
77. Freshly unboxed/untouched NARS packaging
78. Pretty coffee table books
79. Lots of throw pillows. All the throw pillows
80. Black & white stripes
81. Hot dogs + hamburgers at the beach
82. Early morning beach walks
83. Days with absolutely no plans
84. Freshly washed + warm towels
85. Not getting burned on the first day in the sun
86. A dance performance that moves me
87. Quiet, early mornings before the city is awake
88. A really good haircut + feeling like a million bucks after
89. Oversized sweaters
90. Sparkly, white Christmas lights
91. Really good paper products
92. Coffee flavored ice cream
93. Receiving a smile from a stranger in passing
94. Getting snail mail
95. White-washed brick walls
96. Cocktails that come in the proper glassware
97. Rosegold jewelry
98. Gold flatware
99. Feeling really good about yourself
100. Feeling content with everything on Sunday evenings

Let me know some little things that make you happy :)
& thanks to Steph for inspiring me to sit down and write this post!


  1. What a great idea! Love this post :) When you think about it, the little things is what makes us happy :)

  2. Totally! It was fun realizing all the little stuff that puts a smile on my face.

  3. Love this post so much! The little things really are the most important things. Miss you! xo

  4. LOVED this post! So many people seem to dwell on the negatives, myself included, and so it's so refreshing to see people focus on the positives instead!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  5. This is such a sweet post! It gives such positive and happy vibes, it's lovely!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  6. It's safe to say that 99% of your list make me happy too! I am just so happy to have you as a friend! ps. That bouquet/lamp photo makes me 100% happy ;)

    xx! Jordan Taylor | petiteMODERN

  7. Nothing beats fountain soda!! Especially in the summer!

  8. Definitely, it was fun to come up with all the random little things that make me smile!
    Hope your day is going well :)

  9. It's so easy to zero in on negative or stressful things - I do it way too much! Writing this list was a nice reminder of the little things and it's fun to go back and reread it now as well!

  10. Haha love it!! So glad we became friends :)