29 May 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday


Holy time flying by! I think I blinked and May went by. I think it's all mostly due to traveling and having time off work. I've been super spoiled by having two long weekends in a row, making these past few weeks super short. I won't know what to do come Monday when I have to show up at the office, just kidding ;)

Along with a productive week at work I spent time catching up with good friends I haven't seen in a while, running errands around the city, and making a point to cook some good food at home.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

28 May 2015

That Time All My Brushes Were Wet...

It's no surprise I love my makeup brushes, especially my Zoeva sets. However, I'm actually the worst at cleaning them (it's quite embarrassing to be honest). Last week though I hit the point of absolutely needing to clean them and so I did (finally). In fact I got into a very productive mode and cleaned every single brush I own. When the next morning rolled around though, every single brush I own was still wet. Cue get-ready stress and grumpy thoughts as to why I don't wash my brushes. Unfortunately since it was a work day and I had to look presentable the only option was to make the best of it. And voila, this post was born. The "how I did my makeup sans a single brush" post.

27 May 2015

100 Happy Things

The other week the lovely Stephanie of CocoChic shared her 150 Things To Be Happy About list and I loved it. She inspired me to jot down some of my favorite/happy things and do a post of my own. I didn't quite get to 150 (I stopped at 100), but creating the list was super fun.

26 May 2015

Freshly Picked for Summer

With the unofficial start to summer behind us I decided to pull out and round up some of my top lip products for warmer weather. A few of these are recent additions - thank you Sarah for enabling some of these ;)

25 May 2015

So, You're At The NARS Counter...

Whether you are totally new to the NARS line or just looking to add a few extra goodies to your stash I've decided to round up my top ten NARS products of all time. Without a doubt NARS is the one brand that graces my makeup counter more than any other. Not only was it my introduction into higher-end cosmetics; they haven't produced a product I don't love - making this top ten quite a challenge. Read on for the scoop on my "can't live without it brand". 

20 May 2015

Get The Look | Warm Weather Denim

After doing a bit of cheeky birthday shopping I've curated my perfect look for this current season. It's filled with easy denim, loose/sheer tops, the comfiest sandals, and chic accessories to top it off.

19 May 2015

OOTD | Coffee Shop Casual

Over the past few months I've collected a few items of clothing that have me sitting here thinking...who the heck am I? I've been gravitating towards comfy, casual items and a few throw-back pieces. For example...this is the first pair of tennis shoes I've purchased in probably ten years...

15 May 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week has definitely been a whirl wind. It started with some a little pre-birthday pampering (haircut, mani, pedi), a quick trip to Boston for work, and now it's time for a little birthday celebrating. I have some great girls coming into town for the weekend and I can't wait to have a few delicious meals and some yummy cocktails out. Twenty-five is looking to be one great year :)

Hope all of you have wonderful weekends! Let me know what you have planned in the comments!

13 May 2015

Favorite Blushes for Spring

There is nothing I love more than a good pop of color on the cheeks during springtime. My collection of springy, warm weather blushes has grown quite a bit over time so I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

12 May 2015

Current Hair Routine | Products

In the past few months I've gotten more into haircare products and building up my collection. I like having a mix of shampoos, some styling options, and last but not least conditioning and moisturizing products to use when needed.

11 May 2015

Birthday Week Giveaway!

Today starts not only a whirl wind week at work, but also my birthday week! Next Saturday I will be turning twenty-five and as a way to celebrate this week I thought I would host a giveaway!

08 May 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday readers! This week seemed to fly by which is a-okay since I'm super excited about this weekend. I'm so happy I get to spend it with my family, especially since it is Mother's Day weekend. It's going to be a relaxing one filled with shopping, Saturday morning coffee runs, and yummy food.

How will you be spending your weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

06 May 2015

The Edit | Daily Makeup

The other day after cleaning up my makeup, I realized how pretty it all looked tossed in this tray and how it was the perfect collection of everything I've been loving at the moment. Fresh skin, cleaned up brows, lots of coats of mascara, and the perfect nude lip.

05 May 2015

Just Landed | Tom Ford Soleil Collection

I feel like each season I write the same thing...Tom Ford does it again. Without a doubt it is the brand that never ceases to amaze and wow me. The man just gets it. The Soleil Collection is all about Summer heat and it's white hot (pun one hundred percent intended).

04 May 2015

OOTD | Live In What You Love

-sponsored post-

Without a doubt, the brand of clothing I feel most like myself in is LOFT. My love for the company started a good six or so years ago when I landed my first job working summers and holidays for the local LOFT store in my hometown. It was a job I absolutely loved and kept all through school and even for a bit after graduation. I've watched the brand evolve and change and couldn't love it any more.

01 May 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Yay for an actual "Flower Friday" post! It's been a few weeks since I've grabbed fresh flowers and had the chance to shoot them. This gorgeous arrangement came from my new favorite spot - Flowers on Fourteenth. They have the sweetest people working there and such a fun variety compared to Whole Foods. What I love about Flowers on Fourteenth is how I can mix & match stems creating unique arrangements. I'm going to pop by after work today because fingers crossed he got a few peonies in!

Along with some flower shopping I'm planning on a fun coffee date with Ashlyn & Sarah, shooting a few exciting blog posts, and some organizing before the crazy month of May kicks into full gear!

What are your plans for this gorgeous weekend? Let me know in the comments below!