27 February 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week I have been at work meetings/conferences so I am extra excited to see my bed this evening. This weekend will consist of a fun blogging event with some of my favorite girls, catching up with friends, and hopefully lots of good coffee. 

What all do you have planned for this weekend? Let me know in the comments below :)

25 February 2015

Blogs Worth Taking a Look At

I love this little blogging community and I also love discovering new and wonderful blogs to read. Scrolling through my blog roll with a cup of coffee is my favorite way to start the morning. It's a calm way to begin the day and leaves me feeling inspired. Below are my favorites to check each morning. Be sure to leave your favorites in the comments below!

24 February 2015

New In | Tom Ford Spring 15'

Earlier this month I talked about how incredible all of the airy, nude looks for Spring were. Well...leave it to Tom Ford to shake things up a bit and change the game. Hello sultry color.

23 February 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Month...

This was hands down one of those spur of the moment, I cannot leave Sephora without this purchases. I had looked at the Stila Nouveau Natural Eye Shadow Palette online a few times and told myself I didn't need it. That was until I saw it sitting front and center at the Stila stand.

20 February 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This has been such a cold, crazy weather week here. Yesterday's low was 0 and today's is 5; so I'm definitely ready to for a cozy weekend at home. I've been buying two bunches of flowers during my grocery run lately and I think it's to compensate for all the cold, winter weather. The more fresh flowers I have around the house the more I can convince myself that Spring will be here soon. 

What are some of your favorite ways to combat the winter blues and cheer you up?

19 February 2015

How I Blog...

This is totally one of those posts that I one hundred percent do not feel qualified to write by any means. However a few people have asked me recently how I stay organized and how I take my photos; so I figured I would share a few thoughts. While these thoughts are sort of the cut and dry, how I go about photographing, etc. I also want to share a quick thought. A bit cliché, but always blog about what you love and take your time with it. When I first started out I blogged about a bit of everything, that's how I discovered that I truly loved blogging about beauty. It took time though and lots of trial and error postings. Lastly, I used to panic if I didn't have a post ready - I would think oh my gosh I have get something up there and would frantically work to put something together. Those posts are never the ones that I ended up loving. The ones I'm the proudest of I spent a bit of extra time on and if they didn't go up on the day I planned them to - that was okay.

17 February 2015

New Releases | NARS Spring 2015

For myself personally NARS is one of those brands that can do no wrong. When they say jump, I say how high (or in beauty terms when they say "new release" - I say "I'll take one of each please"). I really can't pinpoint a product by NARS that I didn't instantly love. It was also the first high end brand to infiltrate my bathroom counter years ago. Maybe it's that sleek matte black packaging that has me head over heels, but NARS definitely has my heart.

16 February 2015

Sunday Night With Jo Malone

When Jo Malone reached out and asked me to create my perfect, relaxing bath routine it took me about all of two seconds to select everything. My favorite part about Sunday is finding a little bit of time to run a hot bath, add a few extra pampering steps into my routine, and really feel prepped for the week.

13 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Friday & happy [early] Valentine's Day everyone! I hope that you all have something fun planned for the weekend, whether it is with your loved one or with good friends. Instead of traditional roses I decided to snag these pretty light purple hyacinth for the week. They have made my house smell absolutely incredible. I think they are definitely my flower of choice for the moment.

ps: Let me know in the comments below what fun things you have planned for this weekend! 

12 February 2015

Recipe | The Sour Fizz

Happy Thursday everyone! With Valentine's Day being on a Saturday this year I thought that there was no better recipe to share than a cocktail perfectly suited for brunch. Whether it's with your loved one or a bunch of friends!

10 February 2015

Currently Wearing | Quick Everyday Makeup

I don't know what it is lately (maybe the cold weather + dry skin) but the more minimal I can make my look the better. Right now I'm about products that are quick, easy to apply, and still leave me feeling polished.

09 February 2015

Pretty in Pink

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I would put together a fun "pink themed" post. Playing off of last week's "Beauty Radar" post the colors are soft, light, and feminine. 

06 February 2015

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend will be nice and slow which is perfect since I just got back from traveling last weekend and I'm about do a bit more here shortly. I plan on having a lazy Saturday morning, working on some blog posts,  a fun coffee date with a friend on Sunday morning, and maybe a bit of binge watching Pretty Little Liars ;) Just what the doctor ordered.

What all are you up to this weekend? Do tell in the comments below!

04 February 2015

Let's Hear It For The Boy[s]

Mini Tom Ford lipstick. Repeat after me, mini Tom Ford lipstick. I already swoon over every regular sized Tom Ford lipstick that graces my makeup bag so when these tiny little guys arrived, I couldn't help but squeal with excitement. Few things are cuter than these bite sized lipsticks. Coming in at about half the size of a regular tube (you can see one of my large bullets next them in the picture above), they are perfect for throwing in your purse, taking out in your clutch for a night on the town, or for testing a color you may not usually wear.

03 February 2015

Beauty Trends | Spring 2015

The other week when I received an email from NARS showcasing their Spring 15' collection I just about squealed with delight. The soft neutrals and feminine color story was everything I was looking forward to. 

02 February 2015

January Beauty Favorites

First month of 2015, down! January was filled with some serious staples and a few fun extras...