31 December 2014

2014 - A Year In Blog Photos

Ready for it...standard blog statement...I cannot believe that 2014 is coming to a close. Like many other's have said, this year seems to have flown by at warp speed. So as a way to honor this year I have rounded up some of my absolute favorite images.

29 December 2014

The New Year's Eve Makeup Edit

Happy last week of 2014 readers! I hope all of you had wonderful holidays and got lots of rest and relaxation over the past few days. With the last big holiday of the year right around the corner I thought I would share a bit of makeup inspiration in the form of what I'll be wearing on the big night.

24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I think today is by far my favorite day of the year. The excitement of everything to come, the glittering lights, the amazing Christmas Eve dinner, and the promise of a joy filled Christmas day. I just love it all. I'm so happy to be able to spend the next few days with family enjoying the last bit of 2014. This is going to be my last post for the week (I'll be back before New Year's with a fun little makeup-edit) so that I can relax and spend some quality time off with family. 

I hope that all of you have/had wonderful, safe, and joy filled holidays (no matter which holiday you may have been celebrating this season). 

23 December 2014

The Christmas Eve Makeup Edit

Raise your hand if like me, Christmas Eve is one of your favorite nights! I love the idea of getting all dressed up, heading to candle light, and then eating way too much at Christmas dinner with all of my family. I totally plan out what I'm going to wear, how I'll do my hair, and naturally what makeup I'll wear each year (and then I'll spend way too long getting ready much to my mother's dismay). 

22 December 2014

Recipe | The Christmassy Hot Chocolate

Happy Christmas week everyone! I have a couple more posts planned out for 2014 and felt that a festive recipe was the best way to kick start this week. My family has a tradition that when we decorate the tree (which we did a few weeks ago) we drink lots of hot chocolate and watch White Christmas. Last year I decided to try my hand at making homemade hot chocolate and thought it would be the perfect treat to share this week. 

16 December 2014

OOTD | The Holiday Party

Let me just throw it out there...there is nothing I love more than a good sequined top for the holidays. I ahem maybe own three of them...all in varying cuts naturally. Excessive I know, but at least for one month each year they come in quite handy. 

15 December 2014

Party Ready With Charlotte Tilbury

This past week was the unofficial-official start to my holiday party season. With an event every night starting Wednesday I started thinking about what the heck I was going to wear to each event and how I would do my makeup. Naturally my first thought was to go for a bright red lip; but after the first two events I started getting bored of the same classic look. I turned to my Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita* palette for some inspiration and began switching things up. I created two looks using the palette and some of her gorgeous lipsticks and was super happy with both.

11 December 2014

The Non-Red Holiday Nail Polishes

It's that time of year again! Time to pull out all of my most festive polishes and deck my nails out in every ounce of glitter I can get my hands on. Since the first option I usually gravitate towards is a red polish for Christmas I decided this year it would be fun to skip the red (not totally of course) and find some alternative color options.

10 December 2014

The Rose Gold Watch

I am so excited to be sharing this post with you all today! I first learned of Daniel Wellington through my dear friend Kait quite a few years ago. (She's a master at finding beautiful, yet simple pieces.) I remember her sending me links to help her pick one out for her graduation present. I've always had one of their watches on my wish list so when the opportunity for me to work with them came around I was ecstatic.

09 December 2014

Tuesday Morning Chat

Hello there and hope your week is starting off well. I didn't get the opportunity to do a November "Tuesday Morning Chat" so I figured I would make up for it by doing one in early December instead. Since the holidays are in full swing be prepared for a lot of Christmassy favorites going on.

08 December 2014

What's In My Bag [Holiday Edition] + Giveaway!


As I mentioned a few week's ago this year was the very first time I was able to participate in the craziness of Black Friday. My brother, his girlfriend, and I went out and spent all night shopping till we literally dropped. Even thought it was so much fun, I began thinking that I wish I had been better prepared that night. Being out for a long time (and also being outside for a good chunk of it) made me wish I had packed my bag a bit better - especially since we ended up going for a late night McDonald's run to keep our energy up. Definitely not the best way to start the holidays!

04 December 2014

Mini Haul | & Other Stories

Last month when I was in New York for work, I was lucky that it also aligned with the opening of the very first U.S. brick and mortar & Other Stories.

03 December 2014

Review | Beautycounter

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Beautycounter at our Barre Event. The brand was created off the premise that the products we use should be safe and filled with ingredients that are good for our skin (something I can get behind).

02 December 2014

November Beauty Favorites

Hooray for another monthly favorites post! This month has quite a few new goodies plus a few repeat/older items.

01 December 2014

Best of Cyber Monday 2014

The sales continue! As Black Friday came to a close the notices for Cyber Monday began rolling in. Below is a list of a few of my favorite sales that are happening today.