31 October 2014

Happy Friday | Happy Halloween

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a great start to the weekend, lots of fun celebrating, and stays safe. 

28 October 2014

Tuesday Morning Chat

How crazy is it that October is coming to a close? This weekend marks the start to November and the end of daylight savings. I find the older I get the faster time moves, and this month is one I'm really sad to see go. October is without a doubt one of my favorite months. The temperatures are just right, the Fall foliage is stunning (aka the trees aren't dead yet), as the days come to a close I feel as though everything is washed in a glow, and the holidays are right around the corner. 

27 October 2014

Prepped + Primed

One thing I've slowly been adding to my collection over time is primers. For the longest time I resisted buying them and spending the extra money because I felt like they didm't matter. Boy was I wrong.

24 October 2014

Happy Weekend

With the temperatures finally dipping this week, I have been more than excited to pull out my coziest knits (seen above). It's the perfect weather where you can layer up, throw on a scarf, but don't quite need a jacket. The weather most fashion bloggers crave. 

23 October 2014

Splurge | Space NK Haul

The other weekend in New York I had one shopping request...to make a stop at the SOHO Space.NK. Since Space.NK carries so many amazing brands that are a little harder to find here I was beyond excited to take a peek around and scoop up a few items that had been on my wish list for quite some time.

22 October 2014

Can't Live Without My...

A quick little Wednesday morning post for you all! I always love seeing what people keep in their bags on a daily basis or can't go a morning without so I figured I would share my few items with you all.

21 October 2014

Recipe | Spiked Cranberry Apple Cider

A few weekends back when I was in New York for Arielle's birthday we whipped up a fun Fall cocktail for our big picnic in the park. It was so yummy I decided to recreate it at home and add a few little extras.

20 October 2014

The Autumn Edit + Drugstore Haul

This post is pretty much a two in one, a drugstore haul combined with my favorite bits and pieces for Autumn. When the temperatures drop my makeup instantly becomes a little darker, a little smokier, and of course the deeper lip colors return. 

18 October 2014

The Weekend Edit #2

Per yesterday's post, I am spending this weekend organizing, getting some work done, and prepping for the next few weeks. Since I am being rather boring these next few days I thought I might share a few things I've been loving this week.

17 October 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Thank goodness for Friday! This has been a crazy, but great week. 

16 October 2014

Splurge | The Foundation

Continuing on with my theme of Thursday "splurge" posts I figured I would share my favorite "splurge worthy" foundation.

15 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

In a way I have to thank Zoella for my introduction into the beauty world of blogging. I had already been blogging for a bit when I stumbled upon her blog in August of 2013. 

14 October 2014

Recipe | At Home Chai

One of my favorite drinks to grab in the Fall is a hot chai (or if I really need one a "Dirty Chai" which includes a shot of espresso). After seeing how easy it was for Essie Button to whip one up at home via one of her latest YouTube videos I decided to try my hand at one myself. A lot of the ingredients I had at home already and the few that I didn't have were easy enough to grab in small quantities at Whole Foods.

13 October 2014

Just Landed | Zoeva Cosmetics

When a package arrived from Zoeva on my doorstep, I couldn't have been more ecstatic. After seeing so many fantastic reviews about their products (especially their brushes), I couldn't wait to tear open the box and use them immediately. 

11 October 2014

The Weekend Edit #1

Since this past week with work made it so I was unable to spend time blogging, I thought it might be nice to post over the weekend for once. I spent most of the week at our corporate offices for work and had a fantastic time. I got to see some amazing new things we are working on and it made me that much more excited to get back into the office. Change can be so good. New perspectives and new motivations. 

06 October 2014

Life Recap

Life got a little crazy last week. I already had a three day trip to New York in the books, and I found out a few days into the week I was going to be traveling for work today through Wednesday. A few quick phone calls later my train tickets were rearranged, and I was set for six days away from home. That being said, the blog isn't quite set up for posts this week. I decided to throw together a quick little Instagram recap and I probably won't be back to posting until Friday or next Monday. In the meantime you can always follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Pictured above: 
Early morning Barre class with Brittney & Ashlyn at Barre Tech
Coffee runs in a cozy Loft sweater
Fall decorations at my parent's house
Little bits from blogging 
Loving my new Tom Ford nude lip
Dusty rose colors for Fall
Sunday morning cups of coffee
The most beautiful brushes from Zoeva (review to come soon!)
A #feelingspendy moment fully inspired by Amelia Liana 

03 October 2014

Happy Weekend | Oh, New York

Hello and happy Friday everyone! By the time most of you are reading this I will have been in New York for quite a bit. I took the day off and took the train up super early this morning. This weekend is my best friend's birthday so it will be a long weekend filled of lots of celebrating! It has been a few months since I've been in the city and I am beyond excited to be back. Fall in New York is the absolute best. We plan to have some yummy brunch, a few cocktails, squeeze in a yoga class, and most likely do a naughty bit of Fall shopping. New York is one of the few places in the US that has a Space NK and I cannot wait to get in there.

What are your weekend plans? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

02 October 2014

Splurge | The Everyday Nude Lipstick

So when I titled this post splurge, I meant splurge. Buying a Tom Ford lipstick has been on my "wish list" for quite some time now; and a few weekends back I attended an event where the Tom Ford reps were present. After swatching a few shades I just knew there was no turning back. One of those lip colors was coming home with me. I instantly thought to go for an Autumnal deep/berry color but stopped myself. If I was going to splash out on a lipstick it should be an "investment" color. One that could be worn year round with almost any look. So I left with the Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Nubile. It is a deeper nude, one of those "my lips but better" shades. The formula is super hydrating and for a "shine" very long lasting. 

Right, now I'm off to go buy a few lottery tickets in hopes of winning big so I can fund my new Tom Ford addiction. 

What is your most "splurgy" beauty item? Do you own any Tom Ford products?

01 October 2014

September Beauty Favorites

Another month ended, another set of favorites! This month contains the usual beauty suspects, some haircare, and a one "Faith should have bought this years ago" product. Be sure to leave your favorites from this month in the comments below!

Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: These are my first ever Bumble & Bumble products and I'm in love! They are sulphate free and smell heavenly. Now onto how they work...they aren't a super deep clean but they leave my fine (but thick) hair nice and smooth but never greasy. I can have second (or third) day hair easily while using these and only need minimal dry shampoo. Definitely an A+ for me.

NARS Audacious Lipstick, 'Fanny': Yes, another NARS product in my monthly favorites. Can you tell I'm a total NARS junkie? Whenever the brand releases a new product I instantly listen up. Between the insane color range and sleeker than sleek packaging, the Audacious line hits it out of the park. The lipsticks are super pigmented, glide on like a dream, and in my opinion don't need a liner. Not only did I snag 'Fanny', I also bought 'Charlotte'. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow Wiz: I won't go on too much about this product since I dedicated a full blog post (check it out HERE) to it a few weeks back. However, it is still top on my list. The tiny nib does a fantastic job creating the most natural looking brows. 

Lancôme Eyelash Curler*: Like I noted in THIS post, I have always used a cheap pair of drugstore eyelash curlers. When I received this Lancôme version, I realized that the higher end option did make a difference. I found that the opening on the Lancôme version was much different than my drugstore buys and gave a much better curl. 

Tweezerman Tweezers: Cue second comment about how Faith always snagged her beauty "tools" from the cheap section. I always purchased the under five dollar pair of tweezers at Target; and after the last time I destroyed the skin around my eyebrows trying to get hairs decided I needed to upgrade.  I picked up the "travel" size of the Tweezerman tweezers on an after work beauty run a few weeks back. Seeing as they do exactly the same thing as the regular sized ones for a much better price point I couldn't be happier. 

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve*: I am the worst at remembering to moisturize areas other than my face (I am totally religious about moisturizing my face morning and night) so I have been making an effort to do better. After receiving the Kiehl's Hand Salve I have been keeping it by my bed to try to help me remember to use it more often. The formula is fantastic (thick and rich) and doesn't leave me feeling sticky at all. Upon applying it creates a "glove-like" protective barrier to help keep moisture in. 

*These products were provided as a PR sample from the company; however all thoughts and opinions are my own.