30 September 2014

Tuesday Morning Chat

Last month I shared my first "Tuesday Morning Chat" post and decided that it would be a fun thing to do at the end of each month. Sort of like a non-beauty monthly favorites. Be sure to share some of your favorites with me in the comments below.

Craving : Everything Charlotte Tilbury, her line is seriously amazing and after only a few days I'm totally in love with the two products of her's I snagged. 

Cooking :  Baked chicken with honey mustard, it's so easy and I've made it more than I care to admit. All I do is toss the chicken in honey mustard and top with bread crumbs, throw it in the oven for 30 minutes, and I'm done.

Reading : At the moment, nothing sadly. Please leave recommendations below! I have quite a few trips coming up and need some reading material for the train.

Listening to : I recently heard Let It Go by James Bay. It's such a beautiful song and I love his voice. Check out his site HERE

Watching : Once Upon A Time is back on for it's fourth season and I couldn't be happier. I've watched along since season one and it is one of the only shows I've followed religiously lately.


29 September 2014

Favorite Lipsticks | Five Fall Shades

A few week's back I did a post sharing my five favorite red lipsticks and thought it would be fun to share my favorite deeper colors for Fall! While dark colors do really well with a lipliner first, I applied all of the ones above sans liner. I feel that during the day time a bold lip that is a little undone looks best. The post goes from lightest to darkest and ranges in price point. Be sure to share your favorite Fall lipstick with me in the comments below. I'm always looking for new colors!

26 September 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Another Friday, another shot of white Hydrangeas. I just cannot get enough. It has been a great week and I'm looking forward to the weekend (which started for me at 5pm last night!) I am excited to spend some much needed time with my family, to celebrate a few birthdays and relax. 

What will you be doing this weekend?

25 September 2014

Review | The Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show 2014

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to sit at the Nordstrom Pentagon City Fall Beauty Trend Show. I was totally wowed by the three trends and what each brand showcased. I also was very lucky to have the opportunity to catch up and chat with the National Beauty Director for Nordstrom, Laksmi. During our brunch we chatted about fashion week, fall trends, favorite looks, and of course the recent launch of Charlotte Tilbury at Nordstrom! We all left brunch with some of Laksmi's favorite things (seen above). My favorites being the Jo Malone scent, the rosy colored lip products, and the Diorshow mascara. I am totally obsessed with the finish the Dior gives-super fluttery lashes and lots of volume!

The three trends shown were the "Velvet Berry Lip", "Night Shades", and "Sparkling Accents". My favorite, of course, is the velvet berry lip. I cannot get enough of wine stained lips (check out the one I sported recently HERE)! I really loved seeing that illuminated and dewy skin was making the transition to fall, and am excited to try out the metallic smokey eye that night shades calls for.

You can head on over to Ensambl to check out a full review I did of each trend that walked down the runway HERE

*All products shown are PR samples provided by Nordstrom.  I want to give a huge thank you to the ladies of Nordstrom Pentagon City and Laksmi for a fabulous day of beauty.

24 September 2014

"HELLO" Fall

Since this week marks the official start to Fall I thought it was more than appropriate to share some of my favorites for this season. Broken into four categories there is makeup, clothing, food, and of some good reading/coffee.

Enjoying: As the weather cools my coffee routine switches from iced to hot cups of coffee. I recently snagged some awesome creamers that allow me to enjoy pumpkin spice or mochas at home. I love spending Saturday morning with a good cup of coffee and all of the fall magazines on the stands. 

Eating: Chocolate. Always, chocolate. Lately I've been loving these Lindt "HELLO" chocolates. They come in larger bars, sticks, and minis (which are perfect for throwing in my bag on the way to work.) They come in multiple flavors, but my favorites are the caramel brownie and the cookies & cream.

Wearing: Fall is the best time of year for both fashion and makeup in my opinion. This season I've been loving the dusty rose colors and deep berry tones that have been popping up all over the makeup stands. I also think it is the perfect time of year to switch up your fragrance! 

Buying: Boots, boots, boots! I think I've pinned more ankle boots this season than any other. Flat ones, mid heel ones, and high heeled ones I love them all. The pair I snagged myself (shown above) are from H&M. I'm also totally lusting after basically all of the ones on the Zara site currently. 

Along with my Fall favorites I also want to share a little more about the Lindt "HELLO" chocolate bars

Lindt Chocolate is partnering with Ashley Tisdale to co-produce "It Started with HELLO" a cute romantic comedy digital series about couples making their first connects. The episodes are inspired by the fun flavors and "personalities" of the Lindt HELLO products. It will be a YouTube series and premiered on September 18th!

Along with "It Started with HELLO", Lindt is also hosting a fun sweepstakes. To enter the sweepstakes, visit the Lindt HELLO Sweet Connections Sweepstakes Page and enter your email address. Entries can be made daily for additional chances to win the below prizes.

Week 1: Table for Two (9/10 – 9/16)
• Dinner & a movie with the +1 of your choice!

Week 2: Double the Fun (9/17 – 9/39)
• Say HELLO to a fun double date night + Lindt HELLO chocolate for dessert

Week 3: Girls Just Want to Have Fun (9/24 – 9/30)
• Enjoy a shopping spree with the girls + yummy Lindt HELLO Chocolate!

Week 4: Sweet Staycation (10/1 – 10/7)
• Lindt HELLO treats you to a pampered night in – movies, books + chocolate!

Week 5: Besties Reunion (10/8 – 10/14)
• Reconnect with your bestie at the spa for a day + Lindt HELLO chocolate to sweeten the deal.

*This post was kindly sponsored by Lindt Chocolate. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep That's Just Fabulous, fabulous.

23 September 2014

OOTD | The Perfect Cropped Sweater

Zara Pencil Skirt [SIMILAR]

I think I need to be sent to sweater rehab. They are pretty much the only clothing item I've purchased this season. (That's a lie, but you get the idea...) When Loft had a forty percent off sale the other week I couldn't resist snagging this one. The rich fall colors, the uber soft texture, and oversized fit were screaming my name. I've already worn this guy with pants and love throwing it on over skirts like I did last weekend when it was a bit warmer. I foresee this sweater getting a whole lot of love this season.

What is your favorite item to buy for fall?

22 September 2014

New Beauty Releases | Let It Be Beautiful Post

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am over on Ashlyn's gorgeous blog [Let It Be Beautiful] discussing my favorite products of Fall thus far. Head over to Let It Be Beautiful to see all the details and information on each product :)

19 September 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Hello there Friday! I'm definitely excited for the weekend to be rolling around. I attended a wonderful event with co-workers last night, so I'm definitely ready for a night in tonight. Plus, tomorrow morning Ashlyn, Bri, and I are heading over to Nordstrom's bright and early to attend the Fall Beauty Trends show. I absolutely loved attending last season and am very excited to see what they bring down the runway and share at each counter this time around.

Other than my Saturday morning plans it's business as usual around the That's Just Fabulous household...blog shooting and continuing my mission of cleaning out the apartment.

What will you be doing this weekend? Any fun plans?

16 September 2014

OOTD | The Fall Sweater

H&M Hat [this season's]
H&M Rings

Last weekend Ashlyn and I started our Saturday morning nice and early (and by early I mean at 7:30am). We had some events to attend and wanted to get some shooting in first. It was nice to be up super early on a Saturday for a change. DC was calm and we felt like we accomplished so much all before lunch time. Since the early morning air was nice and crisp, this burgundy cropped sweater and a Pumpkin Spice Latte (my first of the season) felt totally appropriate. I snagged this hat about two years ago at H&M and feel like it's going to be even more of a staple this season than the past few.

15 September 2014

Everyday Makeup Routine

I walked into the bathroom the other morning and as I was putting my makeup on I realized that for the first time in a while I was super content and happy with the routine I had. It has taken some trial and error, a few new products, and a few old ones to get here so I thought I might share with you my "everyday" set of products. There are ten, and I've got myself into a good rhythm of applying them all pretty quickly and getting a good result. I labeled them in the order I use them so hopefully that visual is helpful!

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur : This requires the tiniest drop (otherwise my next few products tend to slip around too much) but I like that it smooths everything out and creates a nice base.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua : I've come back to my Vitalumiere Aqua and I've been applying it with my hands. This is a new thing for me because I've always used a brush to apply foundation; but after seeing a not so great photo of myself I decided to change things up a bit. The photo showed my face looking a little cakey even though when I looked in the mirror before heading out the door I didn't feel cakey in the slightest. Using my hands seems to be working well and giving a nice even finish.

L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Concealer : Magic in a little tube. Another product you need the tiniest pin drop amount. A little of this stuff goes a long way.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz : A new item added to my bag the other week I'm super pleased with the precise point and natural look I can achieve.

Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner : My holy grail liquid liner. I come back to this liner every single time. I don't quite know why I keep trying other types.

Lancôme Eyelash Curler : Simple, curls the lashes, does a great job.

Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara : This is a new release and boy I could write a novel on this one. It has a "swan neck" which means it applies with totally new and super easy to use angles. The twisting that happens when you pull the wand out means it's fully loaded with mascara; it also means that you physically cannot "pump" your mascara. The formula is fantastic and gives a very wet, jet black look.

NARS Bronzer, Laguna : Cult favorite, and my go to bronzer.

NARS Blush, Orgasm : I started using this one back in the summer and love the perfect flush that it gives. It works well with a nude lip or a bold berry lip; meaning it's perfect to quickly throw on when I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing with my lip color when I get to the office.

YSL Touché Éclat : I finish off my face with a touch of the Touché Éclat highlighting pen. I use it on my brow bone, tear duct area, and cupids bow to lighten up my face. 

What is your everyday routine like? Do you keep things consistent or do you change them up each day?

12 September 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday readers! While this post has a rather summery vibe to it I'm certainly happy the temperatures have cooled some. Last weekend I braved the heat (it was terrible here!) to head to the markets where I snagged this gorgeous bunch of fresh lavender. It's been hanging out on my coffee table this week and giving off the most amazing smell.

This weekend I'm heading to a fun beauty event at Blue Mercury and hopefully getting in a brunch. It's been ages since I've been to brunch!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

11 September 2014

Recap | Beauty & The Blogger at Neiman Marcus

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to snag an invite to a highly anticipated event at Neiman Marcus here in DC. It's an annual beauty event called "Beauty & The Blogger" and it showcases different lines and their new release products. I left with quite the stash (c/o of the companies and Neiman Marcus) and wanted to share a couple of the items that were standout to me. Some of these are new, some are just samples that the lines provided us with.

Aerin Fragrance, Iris Meadow: This fragrance was one I immediately loved. It is filled with crisp greens and woody scents which is definitely a favorite of mine. Plus, the bottle is stunning. I love the gold details Aerin uses on her fragrance bottles. I have been wearing this one every day since it came home with me. *This is a preview of the fragrance which will launch in October

Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist, #4: The Sisley counter was probably one of the highlights of the evening for me. Their products are absolutely amazing and if I had a couple extra hundred lying around I'd absolutely be wearing their foundation each day - talk about perfect skin in a bottle! Their lip products definitely don't disappoint and absolutely live up to the hype around them. This chubby pencil glides on effortlessly, has some incredible staying power, and is really long lasting. Unfortunately it does have quite the hefty price tag so I'm not sure how many of these will be floating around in my makeup bag in the future. I'll have to be feeling seriously spendy ;)

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Under Eye Cream: I have an on/off relationship with eye creams. Honestly, I  don't really feel like they do a whole lot for me. Maybe it's because I can't remember to consistently put them on at night? Anyways, this little pot has a very nice formula and for some reason I've been remembering to use this guy more than some of the other samples in my makeup collection. I'll keep you posted. 

Lancôme Eyelash Curler: I've always used/bought lower-end, drugstore eyelash curlers and never really bothered with a high end one. I thought, eh it curls the lashes they must all do the same thing. Wrong. This little guy has a totally different opening than my cheapy ones and gives some serious impact upon curl. I'm definitely understanding the appeal to a good eyelash curler.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser: I am so, so happy with this product. I also received the hand salve and a little pot of moisturizer; but this cleanser has been the one item I've been using every day. It's a super gentle cleanser that has almost a gel like consistency, which slightly foams as you massage it in. Since nothing tops my No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser for removing my makeup at night I've incorporated this product into my morning routine.  

Clé De Peau Beauté Mascara: This mascara has a jet black formula and has some serious staying power. Normally I don't have too much issue getting mascara off but this one did not want to budge at the end of the day. The brush has a nice curve and the bristles have enough separation to comb out the lashes. It's not my all-time favorite but a great option to throw in my bag and keep handy due to it's sample size.

ps: Head over to Naina's blog (HERE) to see my post on the new releases we learned about at Neiman Marcus. This review goes into depth about the products that just came out for Fall and I loved!

*While all products are c/o, all opinions are my own. I only shared the few items that I felt were really great takeaways and have been incorporated into my regular route!

09 September 2014

OOTD | The "Uniform"

Zara Bag [SIMILAR]
H&M Rings
On my nails: OPI "Mod About You"

Well, this outfit is me in a nutshell. On the blog I think I often try to pair things differently or change up some of my usual combinations so things are "less boring"; but a lot of the time I'm not super satisfied with the outcome. Lately though, I've been trying to take things back to basics and really pull my everyday items for posts. (Of course all the things I share are my items/from my closet; but I've found the looks I put on consistently are the ones that turn out the best. Another example, HERE.)

If you were to ask anyone close to me to describe my wardrobe in three words it would be neutral, striped, and simple. I'm not one for loads of jewelry (I've gone through phases, but I always come back to small gold pieces), I tend to stray from color, and every time I show up in a new striped top my mother rolls her eyes. Yes Mother, they are all different and all necessary. 

When I stumbled upon this striped sweatshirt from LOFT's Lou & Grey line I couldn't have been happier. It's oversized shape, simple details, and perfect for fall material made it an item I instantly needed to add to my wardrobe. Paired with my favorite skinny jeans from Madewell and these adorable patent leather flats from Zara this is the look you'll find me living in the fall.

Photos c/o Ashlyn

08 September 2014

Just Landed | The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

So I've always been an eyeshadow-as-brow filler kinda girl, that was until about three days ago. I'd been looking at the Brow Wiz for ages and after hearing Anna's (from Vivianna Does Makeup) rave reviews on the product I decided to finally give in and give it a try. 

I am converted.

What I love most about the Brow Wiz is the control I have due to it's tiny nib. I found that I was often making mistakes with the powder or going a little overboard with it. This lets me get in there and only fill in the areas of my brows that are sparse. I also really love the waxy formula, I feel like it sticks and stays a little better. Sometimes I found the powder would shift some (primarily after shooting with my camera) and leaving me looking like I had an odd bruise over my brow. Bonus for the spoolie brush on the end. I love a good spoolie brush. 

I feel like I'll still definitely use my brushes and powders, but probably only to add a little oomph to my brows on top of the brow wiz for when I want a more defined brow. 

What about you guys? Have you used the Brow Wiz? Do you prefer powder or maybe gel? Let me know in the comments below!

On my face...

05 September 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

So this has to be one of my favorite "Flower Friday" photos in a long time. I was planning to grab white hydrangeas...again; but when I saw these beautiful white spree roses I just couldn't resist. Especially since they were half the price of the hydrangeas! Beautiful and inexpensive, it was a win-win. I also did a little home accessory revamping, and I now have a piece of white marble sitting on my coffee table. I love how sleek that area looks currently with the white roses, black and white candle, and marble for texture. It doesn't hurt that I've been working to de-clutter and organize the house a little better. There's nothing better than coming home to a neatly organized and clean house!

On that note, I'll be spending my weekend doing some more "end of summer, start to fall cleaning". How will you be spending yours?

04 September 2014

Tangy Cucumber Mint Juice

When Williams-Sonoma reached out and asked if I wanted to participate in their "Juices That Bite Back" theme for their Juice Week, I immediately said yes! Since my favorite combination (this cucumber + basil juice found HERE) is so simple I figured the best thing to do was to keep my idea similar but switch up a few ingredients. This time I swapped mint for basil, removed the apple, and added a little kick via a green pepper to the juice to give it a tangy taste. Since I am a spice/tangy whimp, I only added a little bit of the pepper but for those who are more adventurous you can add as much as you want!

1 English Cucumber, diced
1 Lime
1 Green Anaheim Chile Pepper* 
Handful of mint leaves
1/2 Cup of water

To Make:
Dice up your cucumber, pepper, and mint leaves
Add ingredients + water to juicer (check out some of Williams-Sonoma's juicer options HERE)
Blender together and add lime juice
Blend until all ingredients are pressed 

*I used about a 1/3 of the pepper in my drink

*While I worked with Williams-Sonoma on this post, I was not compensated in any way and all recipes and opinions are my own.

03 September 2014

Favorite Lipsticks | Five Reds

The other day when a friend mentioned she was looking for a good deep red for fall and I immediately pulled out three options (all in varying price points with different undertones); I knew I had a lipstick obsession/problem. In today's post I thought it would be fun to share with you my top five (bright) red lipsticks. These lipsticks vary in price range (I've organized the post to go from least expensive to most expensive), vary in tone, and also in finish. I tend to favor the orangey reds like the Rimmel and the NARS but absolutely nothing beats the YSL Glossy Stain. I hope this you find this post helpful! Not pictured, but good to know info when dealing with a bright lipstick...my favorite lip liner (I use Cherry), my favorite lipstick primer

ps: Each photo is linked to the landing page where you can purchase said lipstick :)

On my face:

02 September 2014

August Beauty Favorites

It's that time again, monthly favorites! While I've added quite a few new staples to my routine (see these two posts HERE & HERE); I figured I'd add in my absolute go-to's this month and a few extra items I've been using regularly but haven't shared yet. 

1] NARS Sheer Glow Foundation : This one should be no surprise, it was mentioned in a recent blog post and has been in popping up all month in my Instagram snaps. The color match for this flawless and I love it's medium coverage. Even though it says sheer, it definitely does a great job of evening out my skin. It also gives a great glow without looking shiny.

2] NARS Eyeshadow Pencil in Iraklion : This is one that took some warming up to for me. I actually don't use this one as an eyeshadow but instead as a liner. I've been loving lining my bottom lashes with this little guy. It's light so it doesn't give a super heavily lined look, but has shimmer in it to help open up my eyes.

3] Anastasia Brow Brush #12 : This is actually my first Anastasia Beverly Hills product. I really wanted a brow tool that also had a spoolie end on it. The brush itself is a little thicker than my MAC brush and also a little sturdier which is nice. 

4] L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Concealer : This was an end of August purchase but man, I cannot live without this stuff! It seriously gives an incredibly airbrushed effect and does an insane job of covering my dark circles. It's lightweight as well and doesn't get cakey or crease on me. 

5] L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara : This product (like many other reviews before mine have said) is one that I didn't quite like at first. After the product dried out for a while though I really began liking the formula. This has been on constant rotation with my L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara. This mascara tends to give me a more "fluttery" lash and less of a thick, clumpy look.

6] H&M Candle : My one non-beauty favorite is definitely this H&M candle. While it doesn't have a scent I just can't get over the packaging! Everything that is currently in H&M is amazing. I snagged a couple of copper basket, a fur pillow, and this pretty candle the last time I was in there. (And it was all so inexpensive!) Candles such as this one usually cost a ton, but this one was around five dollars. I'll definitely be grabbing more!