08 July 2014

Summer Skincare Routine

With the sticky hot summer days ahead of us I decided there was no better time to invest in some good skincare products and to share them with you guys! After a really bad breakout due to an oil based cleanser a few months ago I've really been working to give my skin lots of TLC and attention. Recently, I began realizing that my current cleanser really wasn't taking all of the product off of my face - which is definitely a big problem. A couple of people recommended the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser which I had been wanting to try for a while; but I was also given a recommendation to try No7's version which is a great dupe and much easier to get ahold of. I am thoroughly impressed with the No7 cleanser. Since it uses a muslin cloth to remove the makeup you truly can see when there is no makeup left on your skin. The creamy product is applied dried and does an excellent job of getting off the toughest makeup. I'm not a fan of splashing my face with water in the sink (I know, I'm weird) so being able to remove my makeup without doing that works really well for my routine. 

On to exfoliating! I absolutely still love my Lush Angels On Bare Skin and use that every morning but I wanted an additional exfoliant that wasn't harsh but a little more of a deep cleanse than Angels On Bare Skin. Just by chance I found the Clinique 7 Day Scrub. I was given it as a sample product back in May after purchasing my beloved Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and fell in love. After using up my sample I knew I needed the full size. I use it about three times a week in the shower after my No7 cleanser and really feel like it helps breakouts and those areas of my face (aka my t-zone) that really need a good scrub. I don't scrub vigorously but I gently massage this into my skin for a good five minutes. (The harder you scrub the more you damage your skin! Be kind to it!) The name "7 Day Scrub" alludes to it being a product you can use every day (which you totally can) but since I already use a gentle exfoliator in the morning I opt to use this one a couple times a week. 

Have any of you used either one of these products? Do you have some great skincare favorites that you can't live without?


  1. I haven't used No7s but for my make up routine I use 2 products. I use Bobbie Brown Eye Makeup remover when I use water proof eyeliner and mascara then I use Caudalie Cleansing Water for the rest of my face, which is a very gentle makeup remover but I find it to remove makeup very efficiently. I honestly cannot live without Caudalie's product.

    1. Thanks for sharing Rosa, I will definitely have to check out the Caudalie cleanser. I've wanted to test some of their products for a while now!