21 July 2014

New Kids On The Block | A Summer Beauty Haul

In the words of the lovely Amelia Liana I have been feeling rather spendy the past few weeks. While there are a few higher ticket items included in this haul, they definitely weren’t purchased all at once but over a few weeks! If any of you follow my Instagram then some of these items will definitely look familiar as I have been testing them out and using them as much as possible before writing reviews on them.

1] Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: After seeing this in multiple YouTube tutorials/hauls/favorites I was dying to get my hands on it. I normally opt for a foundation that is somewhere in between matte and dewy with more of a powder finish so this particular formula was a little different for me. It is a fantastic summer base that leaves the skin glowing without looking sweaty; and it is sheer enough to not totally cover up the color left behind from holiday. Like any product from Chanel it goes on easy and blends seamlessly. 

2] Benefit “They’re Real” Push Up Liner: This one is a mixed review from me. While I love the fact that I can finally apply a gel liner sans pot and brush (I just cannot seem to master that technique); I do find that the Benefit version tends to get a little clumpy rather easily. As long as I have the extra time to clean the tip in between swipes I absolutely love the liner. The finish is absolutely fantastic (it is a super dark, matte finish which is quite different from the usually “wet” look my Maybelline gives) and the applicator itself gives a different wing than I get with my Maybelline. I find it is perfect for a night out when I have a little extra time, but not so great when I’m running out the door rushing to work.

3] NARS Blush in Liberte: For the longest time I used one NARS blush pretty much every single day and occasionally mixed it up with my Josie Maran cheek gelĂ©e. Lately though I’ve been craving something less pink and more coral. Liberte is a gorgeous orangey/coral which I find mixes perfectly with bronzer and looks great on tanned summer skin. The pop of pink I normally wear is perfect for that winter flush that comes with cold weather; but the coral gives the look of just coming back from holiday. 

4] Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Romance: I’ve heard a lot about these lipsticks and when I was picking up my Vitalumiere Aqua I decided to throw this one in as well. It is hands down the creamiest, balmiest lipstick in my collection and gives a lovely pink tint on the lips. It is a great change of pace from my usual matte lipsticks that can settling into all the cracks on your lips.

5] Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara: Well, if that isn’t a name to live up to I don’t know what is. While I don’t quite equate this mascara to having sex I think it does a pretty fantastic job of making my eyelashes look super voluminous and long. I have pretty spidery lashes so anything that adds thickness gets an A+ in my book. I also really appreciate that while it is a close runner up to the Benefit “They’re Real” it also seems to be way more gentle on my eyes. I got this as a sample with my Sephora points and can confidently say that after wearing it every single day since I received it I will be buying the larger size for sure. 

6] Garnier Skin Renew Under Eye Roller: Raise your hands if you’re like me and had no idea Garnier made anything other than hair care products! I was surprised to come across these skin products (thanks to blogger Stephanie Toms) and decided to give this under eye roller a try. To my surprise I really, really liked it. The metal roller ball gives a wonderful cooling sensation (which is great early in the morning before work), I like that it has caffeine included, and the sheer coverage is a nice light concealer that doesn’t crease or look cakey. I definitely have had to use a second concealer on top to combat those really bad under eye days but the product certainly does a nice job on it’s own. 

Have you been feeling spendy lately? What products have you picked up recently?


  1. I haven't had a makeup shopping spree in a while but I'm dying to try Better Than Sex, I've seen so many before&after pictures and I'm just so desperate to have it in my hands.. or lashes I should say! And yeah I recently discovered skin care products from Garnier too, I was shocked as well haha X

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    1. Better Than Sex is absolutely one of my top recommendations from this post. I have worn it consistently since I got my hands on it! Have you tried any of the BB Cream products from Garnier? I really want to try some of them!


    2. I haven't!! A friend told me it oxidizes throughout the day but then I was at a friend's house and I saw she used that one and I just kept checking her makeup all day and it didn't seem to oxidize so now I'm wondering it it happens on certain skin types or bb color? I really think I'll give it a go though!