07 July 2014

June Beauty Favorites

So a I'm a few days late (better late than never though!), but here are some of the products I've been absolutely loving for the month of June. 

1] Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo: I've heard many good things about this shampoo and snagged it back in May. After using it for a few weeks I still definitely love it. It keeps my hair soft but doesn't make it overly greasy. Definitely a win, win for me since a lot of extra moisturizing products can leave me feeling as though I have greasy hair before the day ends.

2] Essie Urban Jungle: This has been the bottle of polish I have been reaching for over and over for the last month. I even included it in my one year of blogging giveaway. It is a great neutral without being shocking white or baby pink. The color tends to come out as more of a creamy, bone color which feels nice and fresh. 

3] Bobbi Brown 'Sparkle' Eyeshadow in Cement: This eyeshadow has been a staple in my makeup look now for a solid month after I saw my friend Nicole wearing it for a night out. It took me ages to track it down. (I even purchased the regular Bobbi Brown Cement Eyeshadow which is a matte finish by accident first - make sure you check the label for "sparkle" if you are looking for this little guy.) The finish isn't pigmented with much brown but it gives the prettiest shimmer over top of my everyday shadow routine. 

4] Lush Ocean Salt Scrub: This has been on my "Lush wish list" for quite some time now and my sweet friend sent it my way as birthday present. It has been perfect for summer to scrub off the gross feeling a hot city can leave on your skin. I opt not to use it on my face since it is a harsher exfoliant but I love how it makes my arms and legs feel. (Best part, it smells just like the beach since it has sea salt in it.)

5] Elizabeth and James Nirvana White: For over eight years I have worn one fragrance and one fragrance only...Chanel Chance Eau FraĆ®che. Back in the beginning of June Sephora offered the Nirvana White as a sample products you could get with points. I decided to snag it and see how I might like something different. I surprisingly love it, and get so many compliments on it. Unlike my woody Chanel fragrance, Nirvana White is more floral but definitely still fresh and great for warm summer days.

6] Gold H&M Rings: Unfortunately, I don't have a link to these little guys but I've seen them in H&M stores everywhere. They come in a pack of about twenty and range in size from full rings to midi rings. They are about four or five dollars and I've worn them probably every day in June!

What products have you been using and loving? Leave me a comment below, I'm always looking for new things to try.


  1. You have got me itching to try that Bobbi Brown eye shadow .. i just loved it on you! hope you had a great weekend lady! Looking forward to Wednesday! xo

    1. You can always borrow mine :D

      xx can't wait for tonight!