04 June 2014

Currently Loving | Orange Harp

Today I am partnering up with the ladies of Orange Harp! An app designed to connect shoppers with socially conscious and environmentally aware brands and products. As a designer this is something I can totally get behind. The app is the first of it's kind and is incredibly beautiful! Kacie and Anbu were kind enough to send me a few products from their gorgeous app [not only do these ladies love great products they also love sleek design!] to test out and share with you all. 

As you know I am a nail polish freak so I was excited to find a brand on the Orange Harp app. Sheswai Nail Lacquer was developed by manicurist Debbie Leavitt. The brand combines glamour with as Debbie puts it, a rootsy feel. The polishes are totally free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp's-something so important in keeping your nails healthy. [Especially if you paint them as much as I do!] Not only are the polishes good for you a portion of her profits are donated to support sustainable foundations. The polish itself went on really nicely. Not too thick, not too thin and made it through a week of working and blogging. 

Portland Bee Balm was an extra little surprise Kacie sent my way and boy do I love it. I have been grabbing for it constantly. I love to throw it on in the morning while I'm getting ready to prep my lips for gloss or lipstick and also at night before I go to bed. The texture is so nice. This product is actually a little extra you get when you order some of the Dandelion Chocolate.

The third item is a Pura Chai Vanilla Soap which smells so good I just about want to eat it! With ingredients that are inspired by created Christy's international travels, she has developed beautiful products that are sourced directly from nature and made almost one hundred percent from natural US products. Just like Sheswai her products also donate proceeds to benefit many different foundations.

A little more about Orange Harp...

Our mission is to make it easy for people to connect with socially-conscious makers, discover incredible products at great prices, and make a social change. We decided to approach this with mobile technology and beautiful design. We’ve built a curated marketplace for fashion, accessories, and personal care. We handpick brands based on their dedication to making conscious products and their contribution to the community and the planet. With a fun, easy to use, and insightful app, we empower consumers to connect with the brand’s mission, explore their work, and buy their products.

Be sure to check out their website and head over to the app store to download their app!
ps : It's free :)

*All products reviewed in this post are c/o Orange Harp. However, I only love sharing products that I have tried and truly like. All opinions are my own.
Photos 2-5 c/o Ashlyn

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  1. Oh my goodness I am SO excited about this app! I am all about sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious products, but it can be hard to find sometimes. I like the idea of being able to open the app and search for whatever kind of product I'm in need of, and having only socially conscious options come up. Love that polish color! I'm so happy you shared this Faith! Thank you :)