06 May 2014

Lush Products | Skin Care Review

A few weeks back I took to Instagram to share my excitement of a few recently Lush purchases and how I had had such a great experience in the store. While I was ready to write up a blog post right then and there, I knew it would be best to test the products on my skin for a while first. When I popped into the store the other week it was my first time in Lush and I was so intrigued; but not planning to buy anything. I had however just come off a bad experience with a cleanser and when the knowledgeable and very sweet Lush employee began casually chatting with me about their natural based products I knew I was leaving with a few items. 

First up is 9-5, I use this every evening in the shower to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. It is gentile, almond based, and I really like "steaming" it off of my skin in the shower. It does a really nice job removing my dark eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling really nice and soft. Once out of the shower I use a moisturizer and then head onto the next product...

Eau Roma Water Toner, this toner is made with rose water and lavender. Two of my all time favorite natural products. I spray it directly onto my face to lock in and keep my skin extra moisturized. 

In the morning I wake up and immediately grab my pot of Angels On Bare Skin. It is by favorite my favorite part of my morning routine. This product is literally as soft and gentile as it gets for an exfoliant, hence the name. It's two main ingredients are almonds and lavender. 

After exfoliating I then use a moisturizer and finish off with the Eau Roma Toner. Once that all sets my skin and nice and smooth and ready for makeup to be applied.

I couldn't be happier with the Lush products and saw a big difference in my skin [post that traumatic cleanser experience]. I started off with small sizes of all the products [which is something I'm really happy Lush provides] and still have plenty to use three weeks later. I cannot wait to head back to Lush and scoop up some body based products and maybe a few bubble baths!

Do any of you use Lush products? What are your thoughts?

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  1. You are making me want to give Lush a try (like I need another beauty product!). I have so many already ha! But glad they are working well for you. It is always nice to find something that works well :) xo