30 May 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday readers! I have been a terrible blogger as of late, my schedule has been so all over the place and it has been incredibly hard to get posts sorted out. A relaxing weekend at home is going to be the perfect remedy to my lack of blogging. I plan to be super productive, get lots planned out, and to enjoy the DuPont Farmer's Market again on Sunday. I left Austin with the cutest little West Elm Terrarium (a birthday present from Stacy) and cannot wait to go back to my favorite plant/succulent stand to pick a few out. 

What do you have planned this weekend?

ps : The flowers above are poppies :)

23 May 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

What would a late May "Flower Friday" be without Peonies?! I am so, so happy these little beauties are in season. They are without a doubt my absolute favorite flower. Even though they can be a little pricey I will always splurge on a bunch. Last Sunday, Whole Foods had an awesome deal on Peonies. Five stems for ten dollars! I almost bought two bunches, but decided with all the flowers I got on my birthday that would be a little excessive.

This weekend I fly out to Austin, TX to visit my dear friend Stacy. I cannot wait to visit the city (for the first time) and catch up with her and some great friends over the long weekend!

What all do you have planned for the holiday weekend?

ps : If any of you have been to Austin before, leave me a comment of something I absolutely must see/do while there!

21 May 2014

Currently Loving

This year for my birthday I asked all my friends to not come with presents but instead be ready for a delicious and fun dinner out. Naturally a good amount of them didn't listen. Above are a few items from some of my girl friends that totally indulged the beauty product lover in me. [These girls know me and my makeup obsession all too well.]

1] Jordan introduced me to Stella & Dot a while back and for my birthday gave me this adorable makeup bag which works perfectly with my Kate Spade NY one. [It also has an adorable blush and black polka dot interior and a little plate that says "hello gorgeous" inside - how cute!]

2] Arielle saw my Currently Craving post from the other week and sneakily went and got me the Naked Basics palette. The colors are perfect and I have already been using it daily, the shadows are truly some of the best I've ever used.

3] Ashlyn knows my love of lip products and snagged me the LancĂ´me gloss and the Revlon color Fire & Ice. Fire & Ice has to be my new favorite, it is so creamy and glides on so smooth. I actually haven't even been using a liner for this one.

What have you been currently loving lately? 

ps : Thank you to my other friends who spoiled me with champagne, flowers, cards, etc :)

20 May 2014

OOTD : "Somebody stop him!" "He took my strappy sandals!"

First order of business, who can name the source of today's quote? Major bonus points if you can! Secondly, how amazing are these sandals. Naturally, they are from Zara [what amazing shoe isn't?!] and I scooped them up just in time for my birthday last week. I had a fantastic experience at the Metro Center Zara - Olena, is the sweetest and most helpful associate ever and I cannot thank her enough for all of her help locating the shoes I wanted. 

Unfortunately, last week when Ashlyn and I shot it was incredibly hot and I had been at work for a full day. I couldn't resist slipping my new shoes on though and giving them a try. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get a few really great full looks centered around these bad boys.

Photos c/o Ashlyn

19 May 2014

DuPont Circle Farmer's Market

This past weekend was my birthday and a couple of my very good girl friends came into town to help me celebrate [along with all my wonderful friends here!] There was lots of champagne drinking, getting dressed up, and yummy food; but my favorite part was definitely Sunday morning. Arielle, Cameron, Jordan, and I headed over to grab coffee at Filter and then wandered over to the DuPont Circle Farmer's Market. I've talked about Eastern Market on here plenty, but this was my first time checking out the DuPont market. I must say, I was very impressed. There were some beautiful floral stands, yummy fresh made tacos from a very popular vender called Chaia, and so many bright colors. I left with a satisfied stomach and some adorable succulents. Overall, it was the perfect end to a very fun girl's weekend.

ps : Thank you to my wonderful, wonderful friends for making my 24th so very special! 

14 May 2014

Currently Craving | Fuchsia

I don't know what it is, but lately I have been totally into fuchsia. It all started when I snagged the new Essie polish Too Taboo.  I have been wearing it constantly on both my toes and fingers. Then I saw Ashlyn's adorable Zara sandals and fell even more in love with the color! Above are some of my favorite fuchsia picks at the moment. 

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever
2. J.Crew Bikini [Top | Bottom]
3. Essie Too Taboo
4. Zara Sandals 

Typefaces used : Nexa Light & Roskrift Clean

Have you been gravitating towards fuchsia? Let me know below what you have been craving lately!

12 May 2014

Just Because

Sometimes when the weeks get crazy or projects take far longer than expected; you have to do something fun "just because". The other weekend while working on blogging projects with Ashlyn we decided to crack into a bottle of champagne and celebrate a few little design victories...just because. Our fruit and and champagne combined with Ashlyn's gorgeous gold flatware just looked so pretty we had to stop working for a bit and play around with the camera. The results were the pretty pictures above. 

Photos c/o Ashlyn

09 May 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Phew...it is finally Friday! This week has been one for the records. I am so ready to slow down a bit and spend some time with my family. Since this weekend is Mother's Day and my birthday is soon I will be enjoying time with my parents and brother. My mom and I have such a fun day planned out for Saturday. I always love our "dates" together, even more so now that I am older. We treat ourselves to a good lunch [sans the boys], get our nails done, see girlie movies, and window shop. 

I hope all of you have wonderful a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, whether you are spending it with your mother or your own children. 

ps : If you need some good ideas for Mother's Day presents, head over to Ashlyn's blog. She put together this adorable gift list. 

08 May 2014

Lavender + Basil Lemonade

So this post will be one of two where I am using lavender! I was so excited to finally snag some at Whole Foods last weekend and I immediately got to brainstorming what I wanted to use it with. This lemonade may top the Strawberry + Thyme lemonade I made a few weeks back. It is sweet, tangy, and has just a little kick from the basil. It was beyond refreshing and I cannot wait to make more on super hot days this summer. 

You'll Need :
2 table spoons of lavender
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of sugar
Fresh basil

To Make :
Combine water, sugar, and lavender in a pot and boil on the stove. This will make a lavender simple syrup. Strain the lavender flowers out of your water and chill in the fridge. Squeeze your lemons and pour over ice. Top with the simple syrup and garnish with fresh basil leaves. [I used three lemons to get  the very full wine glass above. I also prefer a more tart lemonade therefore I used more lemon juice-you can always adjust to your preference.]

Have you ever cooked with lavender before? If so, leave me some of your favorite recipes below!

07 May 2014

Life Currently | Via Instagram

Happy Wednesday readers! Above are few shots from the past few weeks I've shared via Instagram. My new favorite nail color, a champagne and blogging filled morning with Ashlyn, fresh blooms of course, plump strawberries from the farmer's market, and an awesome start to summer evening up on Ashlyn's rooftop terrace.

How have your past few weeks been?

You can follow me along on Instagram HERE :)

06 May 2014

Lush Products | Skin Care Review

A few weeks back I took to Instagram to share my excitement of a few recently Lush purchases and how I had had such a great experience in the store. While I was ready to write up a blog post right then and there, I knew it would be best to test the products on my skin for a while first. When I popped into the store the other week it was my first time in Lush and I was so intrigued; but not planning to buy anything. I had however just come off a bad experience with a cleanser and when the knowledgeable and very sweet Lush employee began casually chatting with me about their natural based products I knew I was leaving with a few items. 

First up is 9-5, I use this every evening in the shower to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. It is gentile, almond based, and I really like "steaming" it off of my skin in the shower. It does a really nice job removing my dark eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling really nice and soft. Once out of the shower I use a moisturizer and then head onto the next product...

Eau Roma Water Toner, this toner is made with rose water and lavender. Two of my all time favorite natural products. I spray it directly onto my face to lock in and keep my skin extra moisturized. 

In the morning I wake up and immediately grab my pot of Angels On Bare Skin. It is by favorite my favorite part of my morning routine. This product is literally as soft and gentile as it gets for an exfoliant, hence the name. It's two main ingredients are almonds and lavender. 

After exfoliating I then use a moisturizer and finish off with the Eau Roma Toner. Once that all sets my skin and nice and smooth and ready for makeup to be applied.

I couldn't be happier with the Lush products and saw a big difference in my skin [post that traumatic cleanser experience]. I started off with small sizes of all the products [which is something I'm really happy Lush provides] and still have plenty to use three weeks later. I cannot wait to head back to Lush and scoop up some body based products and maybe a few bubble baths!

Do any of you use Lush products? What are your thoughts?

05 May 2014

That's Just Fabulous x Kaitlin Kall Design | A Blog Rebrand

I am so beyond excited to finally reveal a project that has been on-going since February! Kaitlin Kall is an incredibly talented graphic designer [and dear friend of mine] who I reached out to when I felt it was finally time to design some business cards and refine a new identity for my blog. I knew there was no one out there better to bring my vision and blog to life in graphic form than Kait. She understands the simplicity and elegance that I prefer in design, and translated my photographic ideas seamlessly into paper [and web format]. Kait created two card sets for me - one blush and one black. My favorite aspect of the cards is how they leave room for my blog and design to grow. 

When it was time to turn Kait's gorgeous design into web format I turned to no other than the incredibly talented Ashlyn of Let It Be Beautiful. She is a coding queen and spent the past weekend turning Kait's design into website reality. 


02 May 2014

Happy Weekend | Flower Friday

Happy Friday readers. Today's post is going to be short and sweet because this week has been long and packed full! Today will be super busy and Ashlyn and I will be spending the weekend working on a fun project. So stayed tuned and be sure to check the site out Monday morning :)

Hope you all have fantastic weekends!

01 May 2014

Currently Craving

Happy almost Friday readers! I haven't done a "Currently Craving" post in ages so I figured one was long overdue. Above is a mix of some beauty things (duh), some splurgey pieces, and fresh hair cut - I am dying for a little change (it has been over six months since I have even stepped near a salon!) 

1] Naked Basics Palette : The holy grail of eyeshadows...the Naked palettes. Since my beauty obsession is getting quite out of hand and I am trying newer ways to apply makeup I feel like this product is a must have. My standard routine for the past few years hasn't really included eyeshadow, but I feel like this simple and gorgeous palette is the perfect way to ease into them. 

2] New Lush Products [Rose Jam Bubble Bar & Love Lettuce Mask] : I have recently gotten way into Lush products and can't get enough. While I currently only own some of their cleansers and exfoliants I really want to try some of their bath products and one of their famed face masks.

3] Loren Hope Jewelry : Ashlyn introduced me to Loren Hope jewelry a few weeks back; and while I have snagged a few pieces off her jewelry stand to borrow I would love some of my own. They are such gorgeous statement pieces! Above : Pippa Petite Necklace and the Sarra Cuff

4] A Choppy | Fresh for Spring Cut : When I saw Emily Schuman's [from Cupcakes & Cashmere] new choppy bob it totally planted a little seed in my head. Suddenly my hair is driving me nuts and I'm dying for a change. *So any of you DC ladies out there...please feel free to share your favorite salon! I'm always so nervous to try somewhere new.

5] BAN.DO Twist Head Scarf : So this one is a two in one. I recently discovered Hattan Home [their website is amazing and will get me into so much trouble!], and while on their site I stumbled across this adorable Ban.Do head scarf. 

What are you currently loving or craving this week? Do any of you use or have the products above? Let me know if you do and how you like them!