07 April 2014

What's In My Bag...

I think one of the most fascinating post I've seen bloggers do is the "what's in my bag" post. Since I don't have a car here in the city I am truly a "bag lady"; as it is an extension of my apartment. I walk almost everywhere, and I am always carrying a variety of items especially during the work week. Walking flats and lunch aside...the items above are some of my absolute essentials. 

1. Kleenex "On the Go" Slim Packs : Travel tissues always made me think of my grandmother...that was until I discovered the new design's from Kleenex. Along with the slim size, the new colors and patterns are too cute. Being on the go Kleenex design packs are always in my bag. From applying makeup, to dealing with all the pollen currently in the air, I'm always reaching for them.
2. Lipsticks & Balms : I don't think there is anything I am currently more obsessed with than lip products - embarrassing fact: when I went to take products out of my bag for this post I think I counted upwards of eight lip products in the bottom of my bag. An easy neutral, a pop of color, and a chapped lip remedy are always on hand.
3. Sunnies : This Marc by Marc Jacobs pair is my absolute favorite. I've had them for over two years and have yet to want any other pair.
4. Wallet : Naturally my wallet is always with me, and like my sunnies I've had this Michael Kors one for a good two years or so now. I really like tri-fold wallets and find them rather hard to come by lately.
5. Notebooks : Now this item is sort of like the lip products; I am sharing one with you but in reality I actually keep like three in my bag. I love lists. Blog post ideas, shopping, groceries, to-do...I write everything down.
6. iPhone & headphones : Last but certainly not least, my cell phone. Also, I've lately become very reliant on my headphones. Since the weather is warming up & I'm walking even more I love nothing more than popping in headphones and tuning out to music.
My bag : Enit Design foldover clutch c/o

Along with the items in my bag I wanted to share a few more facts about Kleenex. The brand has recently partnered with Isaac Mizrahi to create new designs which help you express personal style and incorporate the latest trends. Something I think is so fresh and exciting. On the Kleenex Style Studio page you can watch videos featuring Isaac and find your style with Kleenex.

Also, be sure to check out the video below. Kleenex tested people on the streets of New York to see if they could pick out the Kleenex design versus the runway design.


*Thank you kindly to Kleenex for sponsoring this post & making my bag stylish!

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