30 April 2014

Kentucky Derby Twist | Blueberry Mint Julep

For the past couple of years I have attended a glamorous Kentucky Derby Event and loved getting all dressed up and sipping on the famed Mint Julep while mingling and discussing the race. While I definitely enjoyed the perfectly concocted Mint Julep the bartender made, it was never my favorite cocktail. With the Derby coming up here shortly I decided it would be fun to put my own twist on the famed cocktail by adding a blueberry simple syrup and some fun blueberry ice cubes. Not only does it give a little extra flavor to the drink, it turns it into a gorgeous color (hence why I didn't place it in the traditional julep cup!)

To Make the Cocktail :
1] 2 parts whiskey [The official whiskey of the Kentucky Derby is Early Time] - If you aren't a big whiskey drinker you can always sub in another dark liquor for the whiskey!
2] Fresh mint leaves [some for muddling, some for garnish]
3] Blueberry Simple Syrup*
4] Ice cubes [To make my blueberry ice cubes I simply filled my ice tray with blueberries and water and then allowed them to freeze.]

Muddle your mint leaves in the bottom of your glass and then top with ice cubes. Pour the whiskey over the ice cubes and top the rest off with your simple syrup. Finish with a garnish of mint sprigs.

*To Make the Blueberry Simple Syrup :
Boil down two cups of water, two cups of sugar, and half a small carton of blueberries until your sugar has dissolved and your water a nice deep purple. Strain out the liquid and toss the berries. Chill in the fridge until cool.

Along with my cocktail recipe I also want to let you about the Cottonelle Great Finish Sweepstakes

Cottonelle is a sponsor of the Kentucky Derby and their products are perfect to bring along with you to derby day. The Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths are a must have if you are attending the event. They are small and perfect to throw in your bag (in case of a Mint Julep spill during the excitement of the race)! 

Along with being a sponsor, Cottonelle is hosting a sweepstakes that will reward Americans with a year supply of Cottonelle products should the No. 1 and No. 2 positioned racehorses place in that order during the Kentucky Derby. People looking to get in on the action can sign up at the Cottonelle website. The first 15,000 entrants to sign up will be awarded a year’s supply of Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths if the outcome aligns.

To Enter :

1. Visit the Cottonelle landing page.
3. Click on "Sign up now"
4. Register for the Cottonelle Updates website

Let me know if any of you test out the blueberry cocktail for race day & if you enter the sweepstakes!

*Thank you kindly to Cottonelle for sponsoring this post and giving my readers this great opportunity!


  1. Love the idea of blueberry ice cubes!

    xx Ella

  2. I normally go for the traditional Churchhill Downs version of the mint julep, but the blueberries are a nice twist, especially the ones in the ice cubes. May have to try this one out.