12 November 2013

At Home Manicure

Seche Vite Top Coat // Chanel Base Coat // OPI Bubble Bath - the greatest nude // Butter London, Union Jack Black SEEN HERE

For those of you who know me well you know that I almost never leave the house without my nails done. I started doing them all the time when I was in my freshman year of college. I found it to be such a relaxing way to to disengage and de-stress. I began sitting down and really carefully painting my nails until they were perfect. Over the years I've become fairly good at giving myself an at-home manicure. While of course practice is really the only way to become good at a smooth, clean manicure I have picked up a few tips I thought I would share!

(1) First off I always file down and buff my nails; along with pushing back and cutting my cuticles. A clean, smooth nail is the best canvas to paint on. I like to take off old polish, file, and buff my nails before I get in the shower. It helps to get the little particles from the filing and buffing off and make sure there isn't any residue from the remover. Also trimming cuticles is easiest after being in the warm water.
(2) I recently began using a base coat, and I can tell it makes a huge difference. This Chanel base coat has become a favorite.
(3) I let the base coat dry for about two minutes; then paint my first layer on my left hand and once each finger gets a coat I immediately I begin on the second layer. I then move onto my right hand. I learned from a nail tech that letting the nails completely dry between coats isn't the best way to go about painting them. (I also like to try and clean up any stray polish immediately with my other nails or a q-tip dipped in acetone.)
(4) After both hands have two coats I then finish off with a quick dry top coat. I swear by Seche Vite's. It is the absolutely best top coat I have ever used-it is the only one that has kept me from getting "sheet print". Fifteen minutes and nails are dry to the touch. Remember though, while they are dry to touch they are still tacky and can get messed up!

Do any of you have any nail rituals or love obsessively painting your nails?

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