30 September 2013

Urban Farmhouse

I was so lucky to be able to spend this past weekend relaxing in Richmond. I got to celebrate my mother's birthday and spend time with lovely friends {and fellow blogger Jordan from over at Petite Modern}. The highlight of my Saturday was getting to grab brunch at an old favorite; Urban Farmhouse which is located in the heart of Shockhoe Bottom. Along with it's delicious food; the space has a gorgeous interior and open air front windows. One thing I miss most about living in Richmond are all of the fantastic local restaurants so it was wonderful to be able to make a quick stop at a favorite.

Thanks for a relaxing weekend and some great meals RVA, until next time! 
*All photos taken on my iPhone 5 & edited with the Afterlight App

27 September 2013

Happy Weekend // Flower Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week I went back to basics and snagged some gorgeous white tulips. I just love how elegant they look. [I even love the imperfection in the last flower's leaf in the photo.] I'm really enjoying their clean look along with my favorite fall candle and new sparkly jewels on my coffee table. Enough about flowers though! I'm also very excited to celebrate my Mom's birthday this weekend. We have some fun things planned. I hope all of you have wonderful Friday's and fun weekends ahead.

26 September 2013

Veggie Pasta

A while ago I found this recipe while watching a random Sunday morning program which featured delicious (& technically vegan) dishes. I made it over the summer but since it's vegetables are so hearty and fall-like I knew it would be a perfect dish to make again and share once the weather became a little cooler. This recipe does take a little time & patience though [peeling everything, chopping evenly, and timing the different parts right] but it is so worth it! Fair warning, it can be a little messy (hence the not so many prep photos) so make sure you're prepared with your trash can right next to you! 

25 September 2013

Currently Loving

Big Saturday morning brunch at home
So in love with this Revlon lip stain. It goes on so well & lasts all day
This was such a welcome & cheerful sight at Whole Foods over the weekend!
If you all have followed along for a while you'll know I'm a dark nail/neutral kind of girl.
Every now & then I get the urge to go bright red, Essie's Lollipop is always a favorite.

Happy Wednesday everyone! We're that much closer to Friday :)

24 September 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic

       1 // 2 // 3 // 4
I guess I'll start this post with a little story. My original intent was for this posting to be about my gorgeous new Phillip Lim for Target bag. That was until Friday night. Cue sad music, as you can see there is no photo of my gorgeous Phillip Lim for Target bag. I'll save you a long story and give you the basics. As most of you know those bags FLEW out of the shelves. I was fortunate enough on Friday to see online that the bag I wanted was indeed in stock at the Target not too far from here. I excitedly called, had the girl check using the product number, & asked her to hold the bag which she said was not a problem and took my name down. Then here's where you'll start shaking your head at me. That Target which is about 5 miles away mind you, is easily accessible by car...which since I live in the city I don't have anymore (you're welcome baby brother). So the crazed fashion addict I am decided to spend an hour on public transportation to get to Target. Hello, my name is Faith and I am a shopaholic. Long story short I excitedly arrive at said Target to purchase my coveted bag only to find it's not there. That lovely employee from that morning never actually took the bag off the floor and put it on hold. Leaving it vulnerable and alone on the floor for someone else to buy and take home. We (meaning me and the two employees I dragged into my game of search Target for the Phillip Lim bag) eventually found the employee's note where she wrote down the SKU, didn't write down my name, and therefore ultimately left my bag available for someone else. It was a sad night at Target.

Anyways, I know life isn't all about bags and shoes. My disappointing Target trip at least gave me a little reality check...if my biggest issue is not getting the Phillip Lim bag I want; then I've got it pretty dang good.

Ironically though...today's "back up post" is sharing a few items (bags and shoes) on my New York wish list (see shopaholic). I can't wait to be back in the city so soon & I find that shopping there (even though DC has the same stores) seems to be so much more exciting. I won't be buying ALL the things on my list of course, but I will be keeping an eye out for these fun pieces.

Happy Tuesday!

23 September 2013


Like Pitango I also found Sweetgreen through Taza's blog. (What can I say, that woman knows how to eat!! She has been my guide through DC from the beginning.) Founded in 2007 by DC natives Sweetgreen is all about healthy & local products, sustainability & the environment, and creating delicious meals. The Sweetgreen craze caught on quick and they now have many locations all throughout DC, VA, and MD as well as recently opening up their first NYC location along with a few other states. My favorite part about Sweetgreen (besides the salads) are the flavored lemonades. Their lemonade (regular or flavored) is by far the best I've ever had. Currently they have Watermelon Lemonade in rotation and I can't get enough. They also serve froyo and have some pretty awesome topping selections. What more could you ask for in a lunch spot?! 

*This post was not sponsored and all opinions are my own 

"Create your own salad"
Watermelon Lemonade

20 September 2013

Happy Weekend

Thank goodness it's Friday! It has been one of those weeks; the kind where work piles up, ordering Chinese takeout is the only appealing meal choice, and a glass of wine with a movie is about my energy level. However though, the weather has been so phenomenal and enjoyable it almost makes up for it. I found these little gourds while shopping the other day and just couldn't resist! They put such a smile on my face. I did however use a lot of restraint and not buy an actual pumpkin...which were out right next to these colorful little guys. [I'll save that for October!] Happy start to the weekend everyone! I hope you find something little to make you smile about as well :)

19 September 2013

Shaken, Not Stirred

A classic cosmopolitan is undoubtably my favorite drink of choice. There is something so sleek about having a bartender slide you that pink martini. Along with ordering one in a bar, its also my favorite drink to make at home when serving guests. Its the perfect complement to a great night in with the girls. [It's also one of the most simple drinks to combine, hence the lack of photos on this post!]

What you'll need :
(1) 1 and a half parts plain Vodka [of any kind]
(2) 1 part Cranberry Juice
(3) 1 part Triple Sec
(3) Splash of fresh squeezed lime juice
(4) Orange peel for garnish [or a lime, either will do]

Combine together, shake over ice, & pour into a chilled martini glass. Enjoy!

18 September 2013

Currently Loving

Maple Pumpkin Butter that I found at Crate & Barrel. Delicious on morning toast or late night vanilla ice cream.
**Crate & Barrel does not have a direct link to this unfortunately, however you can still purchase it in store**
A new Essie fav, SoleMate
A sweet friend gifted me the Aerolatte, which is amped up my morning coffee significantly. 
{I'm also loving adding a little chocolate syrup to my coffee : instant at home mocha}
I snagged my Mom's loafers she has had for years, they've added a fresh update to my flat selection

Happy Wednesday readers!

17 September 2013

Splurge vs Steal

So I know this is the "splurge vs steal" of the season; but I can't help but share my fabulous leather find! While in New York the other weekend my main mission was to find a great leather/faux leather jacket. DC had proven to not have too great of a selection so I was excited to test the waters in New York. I knew from the beginning I wanted the leather to be quilted or at least have a quilted detail so when I saw Emily Schuman over at Cupcakes & Cashmere sporting her amazing Annie Bing find I immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, I don't have that much extra cash laying around so I began searching for alternatives solutions. I really liked this Zara version but personally felt it looked slightly manly on me. Once in New York I found this amazing Top Shop version, only to find the stores were all out of my size and it was only available online. About to give up, is when I stumbled upon this little beauty in probably the best Zara I've been in on the Upper West Side. It was one of those moments where you just know an item is meant to come home with you. It's fit is feminine, it has the quilted detail I love, a smaller collar, & the zippers are more gold than silver which sealed the deal for me. At it's price point I couldn't say no! [Also, it comes in white which the more I look at it the more I feel like I need it in my life!]

A few other great options to check out as well : 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

16 September 2013

La Boulangerie

Pain au chocolat aux amandes

So I've come to the conclusion if I'm not purchasing flowers, I'm eating some form of French food. We all have our vices, eh? (I do promise that I love and eat out at all kinds of restaurants though!) 
Paul Bakery is a chain; however, stepping inside of one you would never know. Most of the staff speaks French fluently and always greets you with a friendly "Bonjour" upon arrival. Along with bakery goods (and macaroons of course) they also serve delicious sandwiches on baguettes, savory crêpes, breakfast croissants, and many other goodies. Getting your café there is preferable, the decedent whipped creams and toppings don't always translate in their to-go cups I've found. Paul in the USA has quite a few DC locations, one Virginia spot, and surprisingly two in Florida. So if you have a Paul near you, I highly recommend a lazy Sunday spent indulging in their fantastic French food.

Café mochaccino

13 September 2013

Happy Weekend // Flower Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Earlier this week I picked up this fall colored bouquet from Whole Foods. I couldn't resist these wild little blooms. To me they look like little brains or sea plants. They weren't labeled with a name so unfortunately I'm not sure exactly what flower type they are. (If any of you know, I'd love for you to share the name!) I'm on a bright flower kick as of lately, probably because I did a little reorganizing last weekend and now have a very clean and minimal look to my living room space. A white coffee table and neutral fabrics will do that! I hope all of you have fantastic weekends and can enjoy some of the cooler weather we are hopefully getting on Saturday.

12 September 2013

Butternut Squash Soup

One of the best parts about fall food in my opinion, are all the soups. My personal favorite has to be Butternut Squash. I started making it in college due to its super easy recipe. I found this recipe 3 years ago, and still to this day follow it. I love it, because the ingredient list is minimal and the longest part is letting the squash roast (which by the way makes your house smell amazing). The soup is thick and creamy and the curry powder gives it just enough kick to balance out the sweetness of the butternut squash. 
*Side note, I often add less curry powder than what is called for to take the flavor down a little

11 September 2013

Currently Loving

What would a September "Currently Loving" post be without a little Pumpkin Spice love?
Outfit planning : simple thing that is making my mornings so much easier.
This beautiful watercolor my mother and I found on vacation : Artist info HERE
*Unfortunately her food prints are not shown online
My little red Gap flats. A perfect fall transition and they are beyond comfy.

Happy Wednesday readers!

10 September 2013

Fall Beauty // Sephora Haul

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
This post is split into two different ones all revolving around fall beauty/makeup. The first two images show what I'm currently crushing on from the fall colors that are popping up; and the third photo shows some new to me products I'm really loving from a recent Sephora run. For Fall; I'm of course "Back to Black"...Cherry Chutney that is & loving the new Essie grey, Cashmere Bathrobe (who am I kidding I wear a dark nail in July). I've also foregone my dewey barely any there eye makeup and switched back to my beloved liquid-lined cat eye. Last week I showed my new favorite M.A.C color Diva but I'm also loving this NARS color as well. It's a little more earthy and way less vampy.

Moving down to the last photo...it shows my newest favorites from Sephora. I don't know about you all, but my friends are constantly coming out of Sephora going on and on about the amazing service they received and their fabulous new products. I never seem to have that same luck, always fending for myself or finding a less than enthusiastic employee who doesn't seem to know which product I need. That is, until this past trip when I met Eric (ladies if your in the DC area...run don't walk to the Georgetown Sephora and request Eric). He listened intently to my concerns about skin products and spent a long time matching colors to my skin until they were just right. He also recommended the loose powder shown below and made sure to tell me the lesser expensive one did just as well as the high end version. (Always brownie points when an employee encourages you to buy right and not buy expensive.) Last but not least is the Benefit "They're Real" mascara. This little tube does wonders and outshines my usual Dior (something I thought could never happen).

What beauty products have you all been recently loving? I'm always looking to try new products out!

*This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Makeup For Ever Face & Body
Sephora Collection Setting Powder
Target : brush