31 July 2013

Currently Craving

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Even with the temperatures sky high all I can seem to think about is fall and all the fashion that comes with it. [Dani, if you're reading this don't hate me for wishing away summer!] There is just something so wonderful about the release of all the fall lines and the excitement of a fresh season. The crisp air of fall and all of the many holidays to look forward are so exciting to me. (Not to mention my love of boots and skinny jeans.)

Since Wednesday is traditionally the "Currently Loving" post I thought it might be fun to shake it up a bit and show some of my favorite pieces I'm currently craving (and loving) from the pre-fall collections that are out now. My list is comprised of a mix of high and low pieces that are getting me excited for a fresh fashion season. Some of my top picks include number 6 (leave it to Mary-Kate and Ashley of Elizabeth & James to make backpacks cool again), number 7 (the best copy of the coveted Jenni Kayne's I've ever seen), and number 3 (Chanel's new take on the dark manicure with Military inspired green).

What are some of your fall must-have's you've seen rolling into the stores? I'd love to hear!

30 July 2013

Magic Wand

So I finally bought a curling wand. I definitely love it and the curls it creates; but I'm also slightly terrified of the thing. I'm convinced these little heat sticks are also secretly weapons of mass destruction (I mean it comes with a protective glove...) this bad boy gets HOT (around 400 degrees)! Aside from the fear of burning my hand off; this curling wand has completely changed the way I curl my hair and the look I get. What I really love is how I can start the morning with a tighter curl and by the time it falls I'm left with that always desirable beachy wave (for it to fall this way I don't usually use hairspray, but that's just my hair).  A win-win all around. 

The Remington wand I purchased is found at Target. Since I wasn't sure how I'd like the wand I didn't opt for one that was high-end. Surprisingly this wand works just as well as other higher-end wands I've seen friends with.

*I will note after some questions that I do not use the glove (it makes it challenging to grab pieces of hair to wrap). While this iron does get super hot and I have to be very careful; it does not reach the temperature of many other wands I've tried. It gives a great curl without being as scary as some of the other wands. The black tip on the end is also very helpful because it doesn't retain the same heat as the gold part which if I need to touch a part of it I can touch the tip for help wrapping hair.

29 July 2013

Paris When It Sizzles

Over the weekend Arielle and I went out for one last DC brunch before her big move. We both had been dying to try the French restaurant, Le Diplomate and let me tell you...it definitely didn't disappoint. Not only was the service great, the food was very authentic and delicious. Brunch started with very delicous lattes and cappuccinos and a great bread basket filled with baguettes and specialty breads. We ordered our usual French menu choice of Moules Frites and a Quiche Lorraine for our main meals. The moules (mussels) were so fresh and came served in a decadent butter sauce; what more could one ask for?! We attempted the dessert menu (it all looked amazing) but were so full from our meals we couldn't eat another bite. Hopefully next time!

26 July 2013

Happy Weekend : The "I Heart NY" Edition

View of Manhattan from The Highline
This coming weekend will be a very bittersweet one for me. My very best friend in the entire world [Arielle] is moving from DC to New York City. This will be the first time in ten-plus years that we wont live either together or five minutes down the street from each other. While I am so sad that she is leaving (and will continue the pleading of "don't leeeeave mee") I am beyond excited/proud/thrilled for her to be starting this new chapter in her life. She landed an awesome job in Manhattan and will be taking the exciting plunge into the unknown. I can't wait to see all the awesome things she accomplishes in this new step in her life - and I can't wait to crash at her new place as much as I can ;) 

So here's to you darling Arielle (and to many new adventures together)! Sending you lots of love and best of luck. Can't wait to cram in as much time together this weekend; sending you "out with a bang" and to see you in a few short weeks for our long weekend in "THE" city! xx

PS : I'm also kinda excited I can apply one of my favorite S&TC quotes to my life now...

"After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart...and if you're very lucky, a plane ride away."

(Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, Season 4 "I Heart NY")
View of Manhattan from The Highline

25 July 2013

Berry-Lime Infused Water

This summertime treat is a super easy and refreshing take on your regular glass of H2O. I chose to infuse strawberries, blackberries, and limes to create a sweet water with a little kick. Elements like lime and mint (which I plan to use in my next combination) can be very powerful, so unless you really love their flavor use sparingly! Do any of you have any other infused water combos you love? If so, please share. Happy hydrating!

24 July 2013

Currently Loving

Pattern Mixing
Top, Ann Taylor (similar idea here) Shoes, Zara (old)
My new morning routine. Hot water with honey & cinnamon.
This Gatsby inspired American Apparel "twist" head scarf. Completely genius and so easy to style.
If any of you follow my Instagram you all saw it over the weekend!
The discovery of Whole Foods cupcakes last weekend.
Pictured is the vanilla with chocolate fudge, my personal favorite.
Happy Wednesday everyone :) Do any of you have anything you're currently loving and can't get enough of? I'd love to hear!

23 July 2013

Glowing Skin

When the temperature spikes, putting on a ton of makeup never seems very appealing. There's something about the warmer months that make it seem so much easier to go sans full eye-make up and all the extra products that the winter months seem to need. My daily routine uses mainly NARS face products (their powders are the best I've used), a little miracle highlighting stick, a little pop of lip color, and a swipe of black mascara. 

Pictured below going clockwise:

(1) NARS tinted moisturizer (with SPF 30 - so important!)
(2) NARS bronzing powder in Laguna (seriously the best bronzer I've ever used)
(3) NARS blush in Desire (seen here)
(4) NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday (seen here & here)
(5) Benefit's Watt's Up! highlighting stick (my fabulous stylist from the Benefit Brow Bar shared this little gem with me. It makes all the difference in creating that "awake" and dewey look.)

Not picture : Dior Extase mascara. If you haven't tried this one, you're missing out! This mascara never gets dry and flakey and gives amazing and thick lashes.

22 July 2013

Cafe Date

This past weekend my Mom came into town to spend some time with me and explore DC. Before wandering through Eastern Market together we grabbed breakfast at Peregrine [pronounced : pear-ah-grin]. I ordered my usual latte (I'm on a mission to test out all the different lattes in the DC area) and we got a couple specialty croissants to try out. I preferred the chocolate croissant - who doesn't love a flakey buttery croissant with gooey chocolate in the inside?! - but the almond croissant was also a wonderful choice (the inside was filled with a delicious almond butter that closely rivaled the chocolate). Peregrine has three locations throughout the DC area, check out their website (linked above).

19 July 2013

Happy Weekend

Happy happy weekend everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and didn't melt away in this "heat-wave" we have going on. (I'm seriously longing for October over here in DC!) I plan on making the most out of this weekend and braving the heat. I'm also excited to go to my first Nationals game in a very long time (I stole my brother's hat in attempts to look like a true DC fan)! Hope all of you have something fun planned for the weekend :)

18 July 2013

Passion Fruit Mojito

With the "heat-wave" making it's way through DC the only thing I've got my mind on these days is an ice cold Mojito. In my opinion it's the most refreshing cocktail on the menu, the mixture of mint and lime is the perfect poolside (or rooftop) companion. This twist on a classic Mojito is in honor of my best friend Arielle; who asks to add Passion Fruit to anything she can think of.


(1) 1 spoon of white sugar
(2) 2 ounces of white rum (I used Bacardi)
(3) Handful of fresh mint leaves
(4) Whole lemon (half for muddling - half for garnishing)
(5) 1 ounce of Passion Fruit puree (I found mine at Whole Foods)
(6) Splash of club soda
(7) Ice cubs

Bar tools needed:

(1) Tool to muddle
(2) Shaker (mine is no longer available but this is it's replacement)
(3) Shot glass for measuring
(4) Bar glass (I love these Crate & Barrel glasses - they are perfect for Mojitos!)


(1) Muddle (smash) sugar and lime cubes in the bottom of your shaker
(2) Add handful of mint leaves and continue muddling until you can smell mint
(3) Add 2 ounces of rum and ice - shake until mixed well (10 times is good)
(4) Strain into chilled glass
(5) Add 1 ounce of Passion Fruit puree
(6) Add splash of club soda and stir mixture
(7) Garnish with more lime and mint leaves

Happy cocktail-ing!

17 July 2013

Currently Loving

Since Peonies have become so hard to find in DC, I have replaced them with fresh hydrangeas
I've also become a fan of buying fresh lavender to keep around the house
Happy Wednesday everyone! 
Here is my weekly compiled photo list of what I'm currently loving and being inspired by :) Thank goodness it's almost the weekend!
This addition of Real Simple caught my eye at the check-out stand at Whole Foods.
20 Minute Meals - I'm game!

Blue Suede Shoes (from Zara, currently on major sale!)
Pinkberry for dinner after long work days

16 July 2013

Can't Live Without My...

Do you have a set of items that you just can't leave home without, or feel naked if you don't have on? I certainly do. Pictured above and below is a compiled list of my go-to and most favorite items!

(1) Zara flats (no longer available) I love these because of the little detail on the heel - see picture below - the studs dress up a plain black flat and add a touch of glam.
(2) Michael Kors wallet (no longer available). This wallet has everything I look for, a tri-fold that opens flat, lots of card space, and what really sealed the deal was the adorable white change purse that can detach from it.
(3) NARS blush - color, Desire - as scary as that hot pink looks (I admit I was terrified when the girl pulled it out); it gives that perfect just spent a day in the sun glow.
(4) NARS lip color in Roman Holiday (seen here)
(5) Kate Spade New York Flatiron Nylon - style, Cammy - (seen here) This bag is so lightweight and easy to carry around!
(6) Target notebook (no longer available) This notebook is my lifesaver, I am always making to-do lists and this fun little book easy to keep track of and fit in any bag.
(7) Kate Spade New York "Let's Do Lunch" business card holder. This little card holder makes meetings all the more fun.
(8) Kate Spade New York Gramercy Crystal watch. This watch was my best find; it's the perfect size, goes with absolutely everything, and the crystals in place of numbers add just the right amount of elegance.
(9) Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche; it's light and clean smelling; perfect for day or nighttime.
(10) Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (tortoise shell color no longer available - but black is!)
(11) Kate Spade New York iPhone case classic Kate Spade stripes in a fun and glam gold coloring.

What are some of your favorite items?

P.S. Do any of you have some suggestions for great sunglasses? I'm in the market for a new pair!

15 July 2013

To Market, To Market

One of my all time favorite weekend activities is to get up early, grab a cup of coffee, and head over to Eastern Market to shop at the fresh farmer's market they hold on Saturday's. I love how colorful all the stands are and how all the food is local to the area. Picking through what each stand has to offer gets me so excited for all the meals I plan to make each week. I almost always come home with way more than I intended! Each week proves to showcase something different. I was especially excited to find bundles of fresh Lavender among other herbs to bring home. Currently the lavender is sitting in a vase on my coffee table but I plan on infusing it into water with Mint at some point this week to make a refreshing summer drink.

Do any of you have any other delicious recipes using Lavender? I'd love to hear them!

12 July 2013

Happy Weekend

Custom Pencils by Amanda Catherine Design
Happy start to the weekend everyone! I hope that this Friday is a good one for all of you. I plan on kicking off this weekend with some jazz music played outside in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden - weather permitting. (See here for information about the concerts.) I plan on spending my Saturday morning at the fresh farmer's markets followed by lots of walking around the city. If these next few days are as hot as last weekend I'm going to be definitely missing the cool ocean breeze I was spoiled by the week before last!

P.S. Aren't those pencils just about the cutest things ever?! They total brighten up a bland pencil cup. I love all the different versions that Amanda Catherine designs and sells on her site. (Link in caption of photo.)