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26 October 2016

A New Launch From Christian Louboutin...

When I came home from a crazy amount of travel and found a gorgeous package from Christian Louboutin waiting for me...I was over the moon. The brand recently launched three new beautiful fragrances and they are all to die for - my favorite...Trouble in Heaven*. 

25 October 2016

The Review | ABH The Master Palette By Mario

Much like the Modern Renaissance palette, once I saw the swatches for the ABH Master Palette by Mario I knew I needed it in my life. Done in collaboration with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic (the mastermind behind most of Kim Kardashian's iconic looks) this palette is a beauty lovers dream. I stalked Sephora until it finally launched and ordered it immediately. If you follow my Instagram then you'll know how obsessed I am with this palette + the other three ABH palettes I own. The quality of the shadows ranks up there with all her other products and palettes - super buttery, super blendable, and very pigmented. The price is also right - coming in at $45 dollars it's a great steal for twelve shadows.

24 October 2016

Halloween | Great Gatsby Inspired

Happy Halloween week everyone!! To kickstart the week I wanted to post a quick/easy costume idea. I DIY'd this look and it was so super simple. Ever since reading The Great Gatsby in high school I have been obsessed with both the book and in recent years the film. F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda are fascinating to me as well and I've researched them loads. I've been a flapper before (thank you old dance costumes) but never DIY'd a more realistic look - until now.

18 October 2016

When Things Get Crazy...

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks. Life became a bit hectic between work travel + fun travel and this space was a bit neglected. I've also been so bad at catching up on blogs + YouTube videos, I'm hoping that this weekend I can read and watch a bunch. In the meantime it's back business as usual - lots of work travel and meetings this week. Since I'll be running around a bunch, I wanted to share my current go-to makeup for when I'm short on time. It's autumnal, quick, and helps me feel pulled together!

04 October 2016

September Beauty Favorites

Well, clearly I have a new favorite makeup brand that is taking over my bathroom. Anastasia Beverly Hills is knocking it out of the park lately. I may or may not have spent all of last night stalking Sephora's site to see when the Makeup by Mario palette would launch...I also spent the night kicking myself because I spent too long hemming and hawing over the new Ultimate Glow kit and it sold out...

21 September 2016

The September 2016 Beauty Edit

I was looking back at older posts and saw where I did a bunch of "monthly beauty edits" around this time last year and decided to bring it back. It's a fun post to pull together that's separate from monthly favorites - since most of the products I'm sharing are repeats or ones that I use frequently. So far this month I've been all about the warm tones and simple products that give a flawless finish.

20 September 2016

I Woke Up Like This...Flawless...

Jokes, I spent this morning in the bathroom applying concealer and then baking the heck out of my face to look like this. But hey, the goal is to make it look flawless and I right? I recently dipped my toes into the world of setting/baking with a translucent loose powder and holy cow, this is what I've been missing out on?! It has totally transformed my makeup (like I had people replying to my Instagram story asking if I had a ring light on me the other day). Nope, I just baked my concealer and it makes a world of difference.